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Lauren Przybyl - Detail on Personal Life of This Beautiful Journalist

Published Sun Feb 21 2021 By Aashika
Lauren Przybyl - Detail on Personal Life of This Beautiful Journalist

Lauren Przybyl is an American news anchor who has broadcasting for more than 17 years. She has worked for many news channels such as 'KDFW-TV' and 'CNN'. 

In 1978, the anchor came into this world in North Texas United States of America. She was born to the parents' Lin Przybyl and Regan Przybyl and is the sister of two siblings. 

Przybyl graduated from Grapevine High School and later attended Baylor University, major in Journalism and minor in Biology. 

Let's look at some facts about Lauren, which people don't know. 

What's Her Net Worth?

Przybyl has an estimated net worth of $1 million that she managed to amass from her journalism career. The anchor is currently serving Fox News. 

In her 17 years of professional career, she has appeared on many channels such as 'Today Show', 'MSNBC', 'CNN', and 'The Weather Channel'. 

Married Life with Shane Miller

Lauren Przybyl is a married woman and is enjoying her married life. She is the wife of Shane Miller, a Pediatric Sports Medicine Physician. Her husband works at Texas Scottish Rite Hospital. 

On 10th November 2012, the couple walked down into the aisle. They have been in a relationship before the wedding. From their marriage, the pair shares two children and living a blissful life.  

Lauren Przybyl attending events with her spouse Shane Miller.
Image Source: CultureMap Dallas

Mother of Two 

She is the mother of two cute babies, a daughter, and a son. Her first-child, Landry Elizabeth was born in 2013, and the second child, Beck Mathew came in October 2016. Her two children are 7 and four years. The two are sometimes spotted on their mother's social page account. 

Lauren Przybyl with her husband and two kids at Dallas Zoo. 
Image Source: Instagram 

Complication on Second Pregnancy 

'CNN' host had complications in giving birth to her baby boy.  She suffered from HELLP syndrome which led to the death of her baby while giving birth. Later, through C-section, took out six weeks premature. 

By being experienced, the tv personality raised her voice to increase awareness of the syndrome which is difficult to diagnose. 

Emotional Post on Instagram 

On her Instagram account, Przybyl has posted a picture where her daughter, Landry was asked to write 'What You Will Do With $1 million.' The answer made her so proud as a mother which she has expressed on social media. Her answer to the question was...

'If I had one million dollar to spend the first thing I would buy a phone. I would buy that beacause I could play games and talk with friends. If I had money left over I would buy something for my mom, my dad, my brother, and my dogs.

I am going too tell you What I would buy for each person. For my mom I would get her some make up. For my dad I would get him a golf cart. For my brother I would by himas many robots as he wants. For my dogs I would buy them some treats. For a family gift I would buy a trampoline. I would donate the rest of my money to Hope Supply Co. 

Two Pets

As for pets, she has two dogs as we see that Lauren adores animals. Her two pets have been featured on her social media account. She and her family are dog lovers and keep their pets as family members.  

Two dogs as pets. 
Image Source: Instagram

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