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What You Need to Know About Lauren Pisciotta?

Published Fri Dec 17 2021 By sijal
What You Need to Know About Lauren Pisciotta?

Lauren Pisciotta is a famous model personality. She is mainly dedicated to social platforms but also has the capability as an artist manager. 

Her perfect facial features and attractive body is the reason for being in highlight.

Who is Lauren Pisciotta?

Lauren Pisciotta is a social media influencer and a fitness model She is currently living in Los Angeles, California. She was the former manager of singer and songwriter Niykee Heaton.

Pisciotta is known for her curvy figure and charming personality. She is a fitness model and had been an example of a hardworking lady.

'How did Pisciotta become a famous media star and did her career Start?

Lauren worked as an artist manager of Heaton for several years and finally came to the spotlight. Now, this diva owned more than one million followers on Instagram.

Lauren Pisciotta in a fashionable clothing
Lauren Pisciotta showing off her Beauty goal. source: intagram@laurenpisciotta

She also has a Twitter account with more than 6k followers. Lauren owned an (Only fan) account which is a London-based internet content subscription website. Her charming face and hottie figure add up to her followers' amount.

Lauren Pisciotta seductive figure
Laure Pisciotta new Instagram post. source: intagram@laurenpisciotta

Did Lauren have any siblings?

Taylor Pisciotta is the only sibling of Lauren and is also a social media influencer. Taylor often posts pics with her elder sister on Instagram.

As a Fitness model and being Passionate

A social media personality is also passionate about her fitness.  Despite having a busy schedule she managed to be fit, provocative, and continue to be a charming diva on social platforms.

 As she aged to 33 years old by 2021 her physical appearance with a youthful face make fans wonder about her fitness and dieting routines.

Plastic surgery, Rumors/Scandals

To add up to her beauty and figure Lauren Pisciotta has done some Plastic surgeries. As per Bio Gossip Lauren Pisciotta has done breast and buttocks implants. There is also a rumor that she has done Rhinoplasty.

Talking about her relationship status she is single till now. There was also a rumor that Lauren and the R&B singer Niykee were Lesbian couples, but she denied the fact and said they were just soulmates. 

Lauren and Niykee seducing posts
Lauren and Niykee appalling pictures.

Pisciotta Net worth

Lauren Pisciotta's total net worth by 2021 is estimated to be $2 million. Besides her earnings on social media, she is also well paid as a fitness model by her sponsors like Bang Energy which makes her wealthy with a healthy body diva. 

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