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Meet Laura Deibel – Tim Allen’s Ex-Wife Who Were Married For 19 Years

Published Sat Dec 21 2019 By DGM
Meet Laura Deibel – Tim Allen’s Ex-Wife Who Were Married For 19 Years

Laura Deibel is the ex-wife of the famous American actor and comedian, Timothy Alan Dick aka Tim Allen. She rose to fame after her marriage with the 'Last Man Standing' star.

Deibel was born on the 12th of November, 1956, in the United States. Here are some facts about her:

What's her Net Worth?

Laura Deibel holds an estimated net worth of $1.5 million from which she bagged majority as the divorce settlement from Tim. She also amassed some portion of her fortune as a CEO of a tools production company and other small businesses.

Former Spouse of Nearly Two Decades - Tim Allen

Laura gained a lot of recognition from her marriage with the 'Home Improvement' star which she did it in 7 April, 1984. She was married with him for nearly about two decades and they also parented a daughter named Katherine from their marital life. But as their relationship started to flicker because of problems and conflicts, they chose to separate. Leaving their daughter's (who was just 14 years old back then ) custody to Tim, the two parted their ways back in March 1, 2003 after finalizing their divorce.

A picture of Laura Deibel with her ex-husband, Tim Allen.
Laura Deibel with her ex-husband, Tim Allen.
Image Source: Getty Images

Daughter - Katherine 'Kady' Allen

As mentioned earlier, Deibel has a daughter named Katherine Allen from her previous marriage with Dick. She was born in December of 1989 and is currently 30 years old. Though her parents have been separated, she is in a good talking terms and has very good bonding with both of them. At her young days, people said that Katherine resembled a lot to her dad whether it was her smile or her other characteristics.

Ex-Husband is Married Again

After splitting with Laura Deibel, Tim Allen walked down the aisle for the second time. He has married actress Jane Hajduk and is living a happily married life since October 7, 2006. The two Hollywood stars have been gifted with a beautiful daughter named Elizabeth Allen Dick from their marriage of over thirteen years. The 10 years old is the princess of her parents and is often seen traveling and having fun with them.

A picture of Tim Allen with his second-wife, Jane Hajduk and both daughters.
Tim Allen with his second-wife, Jane Hajduk and both daughters.
Image Source: Closer Weekly

CEO of Tim Allen Signature Tools'

Very few people know that Katherine's mother Laura Deibel is the CEO of the 'Tim Allen Signature Tools'. It is the exact same brand which was founded by Tim in the motive of raising funds for kids by the sales of the products manufactured by it. 

As Allen was always been fond of doing do-it-yourself tasks, he got inspired to make the tools and sell them for good purpose. The production produces tools required for daily household chores like hammer, drill, and so on. Laura has been working as the CEO of the company for several years now. 

Living a Low Key Life

Laura is living a pretty low key life with not much appearances in public with her daughter and estranged husband. She is trying to keep her personal up to herself as much as she can. For this, she has been maintaining a distance with social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. She is keeping herself hidden from the glare of her ex-husband's fame.

Physical Measurements

Talking about the physical appearance, Deibel stands at a height of 5 feet 6 inches (1.67 m) and weighs about 62 kg (136 pounds). She has got gray hair as she is already  63 years old and also has light brown eyes.

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