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Larry Flynt's $500 Million Net Worth - Business Magnate and Owner of Hustle Magazine

Published Sat Jan 04 2020 By Akki
Larry Flynt's $500 Million Net Worth - Business Magnate and Owner of Hustle Magazine

The American entrepreneur, Larry Flynt has a tremendous net worth of $500 million. He is one of the most powerful people in the adult entertainment industry. He is the founder and owner of the multi-million publishing company "Larry Flynt Publications". His earning from the adult media empire help to amassed massive wealth.

Here are lesser-known facts about Flynt's net worth;

House in Hawaii

The multi-millionaire, Flynt owns a gigantic mansion in Maui County, Hawaii. He purchased the property for $5.7 million in August 2015 as stated in the Los Angeles Times. The premises is spread over 4,225 square foot of land and has three bedrooms and five bathrooms.

A picture of Larry house.
Larry's house in Hawaii.
Image Source: LA Times

The single-story house has fine dining and a media room with a luxury liquor display. His Hawaiian Estate has beautiful ocean views and features a barbecue place, a swimming pool, and a jetted spa.

Cars Collection

The adult entertainment mogul life is filled with luxurious goods and services. Flynt has spent a huge amount of dollars over his expensive cars. 

His collection includes black colored Rolls-Royce phantom, which costs around $420,000 as reported by Kelly Blue Book. He also owns black colored Bentley Arnage, which price range from $30,930 to $117,734 as stated in 

Larry Flynt Publications

Larry Flynt Publications (LFP) is a private company worth more than a hundred million dollars. The company was founded by Larry himself in 1976 and runs the adult industry, Hustle magazines, casinos, and strip clubs. The company has branches across the United States and several other countries and serves worldwide.

A photo of LPF Building.
Larry Flynt Publications headquarter building.
Image Source: Hollywood Reporter

According to the LFP reports, the company generates around $300 million as revenue per year. Since the company has run over 43 years, the profit has been minimized to less than 5% as Flynt told USA Today

Hustle Magazine

Hustle Magazine is one of the best selling publication of LFP. The magazine started as a two page black-and-white newsletter in a way to promote Flynt clubs in January 1972. The magazine got limelight after publishing the former First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis sunbath nudes in the mid-70s. In the meantime, the company sold more than 1 million copies within a few days. 

The magazine was so popular at the time and its sales were very high. Following the days at the end of the 1990s, the company income rate was increased up to $135 million per year.

Larry Flynt taking a photo.
Larry Flynt poses for a photo.
Image Source; Miami News-Times

Hustle Clubs

The Hustle Clubs is a chain of go-go strip clubs owned by Larry Flynt. He started his business with $1,800 from his savings in Ohio in 1965. In the meantime, he worked 20 hours a day and made $1,000 a week. Following the popularity of the bars, he was able to open two other bars by the end of 1965. 

Currently, the Hustle clubs branches are speared over 9 different locations in the U.S. and 4 internationally in Australia, England, and Poland. 

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