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Lara Melanie Saget - Facts and Pics of Bob Saget's Daughter With Sherri Kramer

Published Wed Jan 27 2021 By Aashika
Lara Melanie Saget - Facts and Pics of Bob Saget's Daughter With Sherri Kramer

People recognized Lara Melanie Saget as the daughter of Bob Saget and his former wife Sherri Kramer. Apart from it, her profession is art, businesswoman, and yoga instructor.

On 16th October 1989, she came into this world in the United States. She is the eldest child among the three children of her parents. Lara was born with her identical twin sister. 

Here is some information about Saget that people are curious about. 

Self-Net Worth and Earning 

Lara Saget has an estimated net worth of $1 million which she earned through her career in art and business. She is a curator and is also the co-founder of 'Studio200nyc' with the partnership Aubrey Saget. 

It was established in 2013 which install exhibitions and workshops throughout New York City and Brooklyn. 

Parents' Wealth

Lara's father Bob Saget has a whopping amount of net worth of $50 million. He made his massive fortune as a comedian, director, actor, screenwriter, producer, and television presenter. 

Since 1981, he has been contributing to the industry whereas his debut is 'The Merv Griffin Show'. After that appeared in numerous movies and series 'Full House', 'Dirty Work', 'Farce of the Penguins', and so on. 

On the other side, Sherri Kramer is a former screenwriter and author whose net worth is $500 thousand. Kramer has written the documentary which is about Bob and also been featured. Moreover, she is a writer of 'Dirty Daddy: The...' and 'Heaven's Sweet Embrace'. 

Has Two Siblings 

Lara Melanie Saget is blessed by two younger siblings. As mentioned previously, she has her twin sister, Aubrey Saget. The twin sister has founded and run a company. 

Later, she became the elder sister of Jennifer Belle Saget, born on 18th November 1992. Her younger sister is living a private lifestyle. They spent their free time hanging out with each other. She often shares her sisters' photos on social pages along with love and memorable thoughts. 

A childhood picture with two sisters and her mother. 
Image Source: Instagram 

Yoga Instructor 

Apart from being an artist, she is a yoga instructor as she is a fitness freak. Saget posts videos on the Instagram account to help people who are health conscious. She has maintained her body slim and fit. 

Lara Saget shares a picture while doing Yoga
Image Source: Instagram 

Relationship or Love Affair

Bob Saget's daughter is a secretive person who has not revealed about her personal life. In fact, on her social sites account, she has not uploaded any pictures with any guy. She is living a single life and focusing on her career. 

Loves To Travel 

Saget loves to travel to different countries and explore the world as she is a nature lover. On her Instagram account, she has shared a lot of pictures of her vacations. Recently, Lara posts a picture of visiting Sequoia National Park, Fish Lake National Forest, and so on. 

Step Mother: Kelly Rizzo 

Her father got married to Kelly Rizzo in 2018 after dating for three years. Rizzo is a television personality who has been working as a journalist and actress. She and Lara have a good bonding as they are stepmother and stepdaughter. They also capture together at some events as the family. 

Attending events with father, sister, and stepmother Kelly Rizzo. 
Image Source: Daily Mail

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