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Lana Del Rey's $18 Million Net Worth - Two Houses in States and Other Assets

Published Mon Aug 10 2020 By Aashika
Lana Del Rey's $18 Million Net Worth - Two Houses in States and Other Assets

Lana Del Rey has an enormous amount of net worth of $18 million which she earned through her singing career.  Her other source of income is as a songwriter and actress. 

Her music and writing are noted for stylized cinematic quality; themes of tragic romance, glamour, and melancholia, and genre to pop culture. She has won NME Award for Best Album in the World for the album 'Norman Fucking Rockwell'. 

Here is some information about how Rey makes her net worth.

Multi-Home Compound of $5.87 million

Singer-Songwriter Rey is an owner of $5.87 million which includes two lavish houses. She has one house of $3.77 million, sitting at 5,432 square feet, her least estate is double the size. It is located in Hollywood Hills. 

The mansion has six bedrooms, five bathrooms, a gigantic master suite, dual staircase, four garages, and a sprawling yard complete with a pool and spa.

Her two lavish houses which cost $5.87 million.
Image Source: realtor

Similarly, she bought another house for $2.1 million. This has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a lagoon-inspired pool, a seven-car driveway, and one guesthouse which covered 2, 829 square feet. She loves to live in green surroundings and that she has many trees around her homes such as fig, guava, lemon, lime, orange, and tangerine.

Carry Luxurious Cars

She has a collection of expensive and branded cars which reflects her personality. She has cars like Jaguar XJ worth $76,000 to $85,500, Jaguar XK worth $24,990 to $61,618, and Ferrari California worth $3,750 to $119,726.

Lane Dey Rey posing from her Jaguar model car.
Image Source: Daily Mail

Earnings from Albums

Lana Del Rey earns her worth in millions of dollars from her albums. She has six albums in total till now. She started her music career by signing a contract with ‘5 Points Record’. After that she wants to do something by herself and launched her first album ‘I Done Seen It All’ on January 4, 2010. 

On January 27, 2012, released ‘Born to Die’ second album, which collected $14.98500 million, third album ‘Ultraviolence’ on June 13, 2014, collected $5.93009 million, fourth album ‘Honeymoon’ on September 18, 2015, collected $4.58114 million, and fifth album ‘Lust for Life’ on July 21, 2017, collected $1.46697 million. 

Similarly, her sixth album ‘Norman Fucking Rockwell !’ in the year 2019 which also earned million dollars. 

An image of Rey's albums front page.
Image Source: Popcrush

As an Actress

Rey is a multi-talented person who has gained fame not only by her singing but also by a well-known actress. She made her first debut from ‘White Irish Drinkers’ in 2010 as Daine. Her acting got success and appeared in films such as Poolside, Tower of Song: A Memorial Tribute to Leonard Cohen, Tropico, Beautiful, and so on. 

In the movie 'Tropico' as a lead actress.
Image Source: Stant Magazines

Other Source of Income

Apart from the music field, she has done modeling. Lana Del Rey modeled for the clothing retailer ‘H&M’. And also, she inspired the luxury handbag brand called Mulberry to create a signature handbag, ‘The Del Rey’, which was produced for her. 

Moreover, she has been endorsing for many brands like Jaguar, Keds, Pepsi, and Versace for which she received an impressive amount. 

Earning from YouTube Channel and Instagram

Nowadays, many people are making wages from social sites. Likewise, Dal Rey accumulated some income from her social account like YouTube and Instagram. She handles her own YouTube channel named on her and has a 9.61m subscriber with 50 videos. According to the social blade, she receives $1.1k to $17k per month and makes $12.8k to $204.5k per annum.

On the other hand, she has 16.8m followers on Instagram account through which she earns $28,108 to $46,846 per sponsor post.

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