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LAHH Star Erica Mena Plastic Surgery Removal and Tattoos - Before and After Pictures

Published Mon May 20 2019 By DGM
LAHH Star Erica Mena Plastic Surgery Removal and Tattoos - Before and After Pictures

The American television personality, video vixen, recording artist, and former model Erica Mena has had two plastic surgeries and has inked a total of ten tattoos on her body.

The New York born model was reluctant in the past about her plastic surgeries but later on, she openly agreed to the fact.

Before and After Plastic Surgery

Here is a picture of the American model before and after her plastic surgeries:

Erica Mena before (left) and after (right).
Image Source: Rough Light

As we can clearly see in the picture above, her current picture stands out and the noticeable changes are vivid. We can see the difference in her breasts, lower region of hips and buttocks. 

Breast Augmentation & Removal

$1 million worth model Erica Mena, had her breasts size increased in the past through surgery. The augmentation increased the size of her breast which was again reduced by the TV personality as it caught everyone's attention, wherever she went.

Erica Mena Has Reduced or Removed her Breast and Buttocks Implants.

The reality television decided of removing her breast implants back in 2016. According to her, she removed the implants as they were worthless, old, and were causing her troubles.

Buttocks Implants & Implants Removal

The former LAHH star also had her buttocks increased in the past but eventually had the implants removed back in 2015. She recovered her smaller sized bottom by removing the buttocks implants.

The American model's choice of eliminating the implants had something to do with the people around her. She stated that she felt more sexier after removing the buttocks implants and chooses to be natural by all aspect. 

Further, her associate Love & Hip Hop: New York (LHHNY) star Cardi B has also had her buttocks enhancement through surgery.

Tattoos and Their Meaning

Talking about tattoos, Erica's body is inked with ten different tattoos altogether:

Heart and Writing on Left Chest

Mena has a red colored tattoo in her left chest with a writing in it that says "Trent R.I.P". The tattoo looks like a condolence or tribute towards someone named 'Trent'.

Writing on Spine

The American Model also has a writing on her spine that appears to be a list of names which seems like a list of her closest family members and friends.

Writing on Right Wrist

The former LAHH star has also used needle on her right wrist that reads 'Sonia'. 

Writing on Left Wrist

Erica also has inked a tattoo on her left wrist that says 'King'. King Conde is the name of her child with former boyfriend Raul Conde.

In picture, Erica Mena's all 10 tattoos are given.
All the 10 tattoos of Erica Mena.

Writing Behind Right Ear

The 'Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta (LHHA) star also has a script tattoo behind her right ear. 

Writing on Right Foot

The mother of a single child, Erica has a red color "I love you" tattooed on her foot. She probably should have inked this one to express her love towards someone.

Henna and a Scorpion on The Back of Right Hand

The 'Swag Inc.' star also has a tattoo on the back of her right hand. The tattoo is of a beautiful scorpion and henna pattern. The scorpion on the tattoo simply represents her zodiac sign that is 'Scorpio'.

Writing on Upper Shoulder

The writer of "Featherbone", also has a red colored tattoo on her right upper shoulder. The tattoo reads "Proverbs 31:20" which refers to a proverb of the bible.

'Strong' Tatted on her Right Hip

Safaree Samuels' newly wedded wife has inked the word 'Strong' on her right hip in February 2019.

Writing on Left Bicep

Erica, who recently released a rap feature and got trolled for doing it, also has inked 'b a gathering' in cursive form. The ink basically means enjoying life with yourself and not needing anyone else to have fun.

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