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Facts About Kurt Sutter – Katey Sagal’s Husband and Screenwriter

Published Thu Aug 01 2019 By Akki
Facts About Kurt Sutter – Katey Sagal’s Husband and Screenwriter

The American screenwriter Kurt Sutter aka Kurt Leon Sutter is widely famous for his work as a writer in hit movies and TV shows like; 'Sons of Anarchy', 'The Shield' and Southpaw (2015). 

Sutter is also a successful actor, producer, and director. He was born on May 5, 1960, in Rahway, New Jersey, United States, and has two older sisters from his parents.

Here are 10 facts about him:

What is Kurt Sutter's Net Worth? 

Kurt Sutter has a huge net worth of $40 million through his professional career as a screenwriter, producer, and actor. 

According to PayScale, it has been reported that the average salary of a screenwriter is no less than $78,000, where their earning ratio ranges from $31k to $250k depending upon stories and movie budget. 

Kurt Sutter poses for a picture.
Kate Sutter taking a picture with a Harley Davidson motorcycle back to him.
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In addition, he also earns from advertisement and campaigns of products for global leading brands being a Hollywood star.

Katey Sagal's Husband 

Kurt Sutter is a married man and lives with his wife Katey Sagal and children. She is an American actress, who has done plastic surgery and breast implants

The couple tied the knot in the presence of close friends and family in a private ceremony on 2 October 2004 at their home in Los Feliz, California. 

The lovebirds have a strong bond with over 15 years of happily living together as there is no bad news of controversies and scandals.

Three Kids 

The Shield writer, Sutter, and Katey Sagal are parents to three children; a son 'Jackson James White' and two daughters 'Sarah Grace White' and 'Esme Louise Sutter'. Esme is the first child of Sutter and Sagal together born on January 10, 2007, being the youngest in the family. 

kate Sutter and Katey Sagal with their daughter Esme.
kate Sutter caughter on camera along wiith his Katey Sagal and daughter Esme.
Image Source: Pinterest

Sara is the daughter of Sagal with her former husband Jack White born on August 7, 1994. Jackson was born on March 1, 1996, to Katey Sagal and her ex-spouse Jake White.

Pet Lover

Kurt Sutter and his wife Katey Sagal an avid pet lovers, and they have three dogs; Lola, Lumpy, and Blue. The couple manages their time from their busy schedules to spend quality time with their pets, wow such a sweet of them, where the lovebirds are mostly found cuddling their dogs in their free hours.  


Taking about Sutter's qualifications, he studied and graduated in 1978 from Roselle Catholic High School located in Roselle, New Jersey. after his high school, he joined Livingston College for the journalism department of Rutgers University, where he earned a certificate of BA in mass media with a minor in English in 1986 from Rutgers University.

Sutter also attended Northern Illinois University and acquired his M.F.A. in performance and directing in 2000.

Body Measurement 

The Sons of Anarchy writer, Sutter is a 63-years-old dashing handsome star in Hollywood, a rectangle face shape with sharp cheekbones and a million-dollar smile, where his height is 5 feet 10 inches (1.78m), and has blue eyes with blonde hair.

Kurt Sutter poses for a picture.
Kurt Sutter taking a picture with his hands tattoos.
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The Southpaw writer, Sutter has multiple tattoos over his body, where he is very fascinated about Maori and Tribal stuff which has a specific meaning. he has a runic alphabet of K S J and E in his upper left hand, which is dedicated to his wife Kate and kids Sarah, Jackson, and Esme. 

He has primal animal tattoos on his left hand with Iceman mummy, the oldest living mummy in the world.

Book Author

Kurt Sutter is one of the top writers of today's time, working in the entertainment industry. he has written popular books like; 'Lucas Hand', 'Sisters of Sorrow', and 'Sons of Anarchy Redwood Original'. Talking for the reader, his books are available online, where his comic book Lucas Hand costs $9.99 on

Motorcycle Enthusiast 

The Bastard Executioner actor, Sutter is an enthusiast motorcyclist, who loves the Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Stalking on his Instagram account @sutterink, we can see several pictures and video posts of the bikes. He even includes bikers in his ever stories, where he is a writer of hit series like; Mayans M.C. and Sons of Anarchy.


Kurt Sutter has an official YouTube channel 'Kurt Sutter' with 204 videos and 67k subscribers to date. He uploads the video related to his project including behind the scene from the shoot. He is currently inactive with his YouTube channel, where he joined YouTube on Apr 15, 2011. His last video uploaded on his YouTube is MAYANS MC - Behind the Scenes- Richard It's a Dream Job on May 15, 2017.

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