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Kristy McNichol's Net Worth - How Rich is Former Popular Teen Star of Her Era?

Published Fri Mar 12 2021 By riya
Kristy McNichol's Net Worth - How Rich is Former Popular Teen Star of Her Era?

Kristy  McNichol is a retired  American actress and producer. Apart from being an actress, she is also a comedian and a singer. The comedian Kristy earned an outstanding amount of $4 million working in this field. 

McNichol was born on the 11th of September, 1962, in Los Angeles, California, USA. She started her acting career when she was six, appearing in commercials, and left her acting career in 2001.

How rich is Kristy? What's her Net Worth?

The all-rounder entertainer, Kristy McNichol, has a net worth of over $4 Million. She earned this huge amount from commercials, TV Shows, Films, singing, and comedy shows.

Kristy is most popular for her roles as Angel in the film Little Darlings and Polly in the film Only When I Laugh. Her character as Barbara Weston in the TV series Empty Nest also gave her a good name in the entertainment field. 

The producer had a house in Los Angeles which she wanted to sell. In an interview, she said, "A house is too much for a single person". The house was made in the ranch-style with 3,000 square foot area built in the mid-fifties.

McNichol sold her house for about $100k. She might also have the latest car, but the details are unavailable.

Kristy's sold the house in LA
Kristy's sold the house in LA.

Image Source: Virtual Globe Trotting

Little Darlings Angel started doing commercials with her brother. Kristy then played a TV series as Patricia Apple on 1974's in Apple's Way.

Kristy on commercials
Kristy on commercials 

Image Source: Tribute Ca

The most popular and loved teen actor of her era, Kristy McNichol, achieved huge fandom as Buddy Lawrence on Aaron Spelling's (Family). 

Ann made her acting debut in the episode of "Love, American Style" in 1973. Two years after her first TV Show, she played on the drama series "Family".

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Apart from acting, McNichol gained some popularity as a singer. She also performed on several television shows and commercials such as  "The Donny and Marie Show" and "The Carpenters Christmas Special."

An album of disco songs in 1978 was recorded by Christina and her brother Jimmy which was hit during the time.

Ann won two Emmy Awards for her teenage role as daughter Letitia in  "Buddy" Lawrence in the TV drama Family.

 Apart from riches, she also earned fame. Hundreds of hashtags on her name come out in use by her fans and lovers.

Kristy's mental health issues caused her to drop out of a film and drop a television show. She was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. She stated that she retired from acting for her own sanity and peace of mind.

The former actress spends her time doing yoga and playing tennis these days. 

Kristy on her younage and oldage
Kristy on her younage and oldage 

Image Source: Daily Hawker