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Get to Know Kristina Basham - Scott Adams' Wife Who is Entrepreneur and Model

Published Wed Nov 25 2020 By pratikshya
Get to Know Kristina Basham - Scott Adams' Wife Who is Entrepreneur and Model

Kristina Basham is a well-known American model and Instagram sensation personality. She is also a renowned entrepreneur. Basham became the headline of media for being a long-time relationship with a famous writer Scott Adams. 

Born on July 31st, 1988 in Walnut Creek, California, United States of America. Her parents are father Valmor Bagala who is a musician by professional and mother Mary Posthauer-Olry who works at Kemper Sport. She grew up with her sibling older sister Valerie Bagala and younger brother Scotty. 

Let's get to know Kristina Basham closely:

Net worth of $3 million

Beautiful Model, Basham has an estimated net worth of $3 million. She earns huge wealth through her career as a model and Instagram Star. Her annual income as a model is $ 20,814 to $109,475 according to payscale. 

Whereas another source is from her bakery shop, brand endorsement, and online clothing from where she annually add some amount to her net worth. 

Boyfriend: Scott Adams

Kristina Basham is in love with not other than famous cartoonist and writer Scott Adams. Their relationship news grave all the limelight in Hollywood gossips, the main reason was their age gaps. She is 30 years younger than Adams where the couple has proved that " Ages doesn't matter in Love". 

They met for the first time in the year 2014 but got married secretly. As they usually share their travel pictures on their social media.

Kristina Basham and her husband Scott Adams' vacation pictures.
Image Source: Instagram

Married Life with Ex-Husband 

The Instagram star was once married to college sweetheart Hilsabeck while they were at the same University of California, Berkeley. The then-couple wedded in 2010 and became the parents of two children. Their married couldn't go long last, as they filed for divorced and eventually separated in 2014. 

Two Children 

Basham has two adorable daughters with her ex-husband, Hilsabeck. Their names are Hazel and Marin. She is very closed with them and usually posts their picture on her social media. She is modern who awesomely handles her personal and professional life. 

Two daughters Hazel and Marin Bashmans.
Image Source: Instagram

Suffer from OCD

The model was diagnosed with OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) at the age of 5. She was soon processed for the treatment. After battling with her thoughts, successfully come over with it. Then, she doesn't make her health issue weakness rather make it stronger and had actively participated in a sport, and running and won many gold medals. 

Alma degree 

Kristina Basham has completed her primary education at a Local High School which is in their Hometown. She graduated in the Final Economics from The University of California, Berkeley. Besides her education, she is good at Boxing and Riding as well, and participated in cross country running, won a gold medal in a 20- mile race. 

Successful Model

When she has only 11 years old she got an offer for modeling since then, making a big name in the modeling industry. Basham has worked with many brands in the fashion industry as Tom Ford, Tommy Hilfiger, Carolina Herrera, Balenciaga, and Jimmy Choo. 

She is also a brand ambassador for Aston Martin, Nissan, Emirates Airlines, and Disney. Mostly, appears in high events like the Paris Fashion Week, Milan Fashion Week, New York, and so on.

Music Lover 

The multi-talent model can fluently play piano and violence. Her father is a professional musician from whom she learned music. Recently posted a picture of her dad, and wishing him "Happy Father's day" by playing the piano. 

Kristina Bashman learning the piano. 
Image Source: Twitter

Active on Social Pages

Social media influencer, Kristina Basham is mostly seen as active and connected her fan on her social media. She usually posts are photos and videos on it. Her Instagram account has over 4 million followers with a blue tick verification mark whereas, the Twitter account has more than 43.9K followers.

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