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Do You Remember Korina Harrison? Pawn Stars' Corey Harrison's Former Wife

Published Fri Mar 10 2023 By sush
Do You Remember Korina Harrison? Pawn Stars' Corey Harrison's Former Wife

Do you remember the second wife of Corey Harrison, the star of the reality show, Pawn Stars? She is Korina Harrison who became an internet personality and came to the spotlight after she was revealed as the wife of Corey Harrison. 

Korina is best known as "Kiki" Harrison. She is a gorgeous American woman who hails from San Diego, California. She was quite a popular lady back in 2018; however, she has now disappeared after her divorce from Corey. 

Nevertheless, we have brought you everything that you need to know about Kiki Harrison. 

Net Worth 

The net worth of Kiki is estimated to be somewhere between $500k to $1 million. After her separation from Corey back in 2018, she has stayed far from attention and her whereabouts are undiscovered. So details regarding her career and profession are also not known. 

Kiki Harrison and Corey Harrison chilling before their separation.
Kiki Harrison and Corey Harrison chilling before their separation. (Source: Instagram@realcoreyharrison)

However, as per sources, she used to serve as an executive assistant in an event company and made somewhere around $60k to $90k. So she probably must have made it farther in her career now. 

On the other hand, Kiki's ex-husband, Corey Harrison has an estimated net worth of over $4 million. Though he is a television personality known for Pawn Stars, he is a businessman who co-owns the World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas along with his father Rick Harrison. 

Kiki Holds A Greek Ethnicity

As stated already, Kiki is an American national. She hails from San Diego, California. According to sources, she was born on September 17, 1982. She has not disclosed any information related to her early life and family background. 

However, it was revealed that Kiki held Greek ethnicity. Moreover, she is reported to have been a high school graduate and a college dropout. 

Kiki And Corey Had A Private Wedding Ceremony

According to sources, the former couple, Kiki and Corey got wed on May 26, 2017. Their wedding was a private ceremony that was held in attendance of only their family and loved ones in San Diego, California. 

Kiki Harrison and Corey Harrison's wedding picture
Kiki Harrison and Corey Harrison's wedding picture. (Source: What's Magazine)

As reported, they had been together for quite a while before deciding to walk down the aisle. After the two got wed, they were pretty happy in their marital life. They frequently posted pictures of them hanging around and having fun. 

Moreover, their love was young and they had no intention of hiding it. They were seen kissing each other in public places and they also posted the pictures themselves. So some people were also cringing at their public display of affection (PDA). However, the couple paid no heed to them and decided to show their love for each other. 

Kiki And Corey Separated Because Of Their Busy Schedule

Corey and Kiki always used to confess their love for each other countless times through their social media. However, things suddenly went downhill and the couple announced their separation just after a year. 

As per reports, the reality star, Corey filed for divorce in August of 2018, just after over a year and two months of their marriage. Moreover, their divorce was reported to have been finalized just a month later, on 10 September, of that year.

Because Corey and Kiki were such a couple of goals, the question was why they got separated. However, Kiki had also disappeared from social media. So the only one to answer the question was Corey. However, he refrained from talking about it at first but gradually revealed it later on. 

According to Corey's interview with Blast, he and Kiki decided to get divorced because of their busy schedule. In the interview, he said:

“Karina and I are inseparably in love. We were unable to make the marriage work due to our competing work schedules, but we remain, good friends, who wish only the best for each other.”

Kiki Was Expecting A Kid Before Her Divorce

If you're a fan of Corey and follow him on his social media, you must be aware that the couple was expecting a baby. However, before they could welcome their child, they decided to split which was pretty sad for their fans and followers.

Kiki Harrison and Corey Harrison before their divorce.
Kiki Harrison and Corey Harrison before their divorce. (Source: Instagram@realcoreyharrison)

Moreover, through their previous contents, they decided to honor Corey's grandfather and name their child, Richard Benjamin Harrison. It also means that they were expecting a son. Moreover, their fans were more than joyed when they announced this happy news. 

However, the news of their separation came. And they never got the chance to see the kid as Kiki and the child never made an appearance on social media after her divorce from Corey.

Height, Weight & Body Measurement

Corey is a lucky guy who was able to marry Kiki who is a gorgeous woman. She is a beautiful woman who stands at a height of 5ft 6 inches. 

Moreover, she has a beautiful body and her body measurements are reported to be 36-26-38. And she reportedly weighs around 58 kg. 

Kiki Deleted Her Instagram

Before Kiki's divorce from Corey, she was available on Instagram as @kikinejo. However, after the news came that she and Corey had separated ways, she deleted her Instagram. 

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Kiki disappeared like dust in the wind and was never seen on any social media platform from her divorce onwards. Moreover, Corey also reportedly removed some of Kiki's pictures and their moments from his Instagram. Since she wasn't available on any social media, her whereabouts became hard to know. 

Did Kiki and Corey Get Back Together?

If you search for Kiki and Corey, you'll find out that there are rumors about them getting back together. The rumor came along after Corey posted about Kiki on his Instagram. 

Corey Harrison posted a controversial post tagging his ex-wife, Korina "Kiki" Harrison.
Corey Harrison posted a controversial post tagging his ex-wife, Korina "Kiki" Harrison. (Source: Instagram@realcoreyharrison)

Back on November 22, 2019, Corey posted a picture of a woman's wrist that had "Harrison" tattooed on it in Italics. Moreover, he tagged Kiki and wrote that it was time to come home and that he loved her. He wrote:

Sometimes you need that girl that will ride for you and a year and a half after you leave to make you realize it’s time to come home I love you @kikinejo #harrison

However, it's not known for sure if the couple ever got back together again. Though Corey did post such a thing, he never announced that he and Kiki got back together again, and Kiki still hadn't made her appearance, all remained mere speculation. 

Moreover, he also got married for the third time to a woman named Deanna Burditt. However, their relationship timeline also remains quite vague. So the rumor about him and Kiki must be just a rumor.

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