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Kitty McIntyre - Facts About Micheal Mclntyre

Published Thu Mar 10 2022 By sijal
Kitty McIntyre - Facts About Micheal Mclntyre

Kitty Mclntyre is a famed media personality known as the wife of a popular Hollywood actor and comedian Micheal Mclntyre who had appeared in many reality entertainment shows. 

Besides being famous as a celebrity wife Kitty is a professional aromatherapist who works with herbal medicines to cure any health hazards.

She was born Kitty Ward in 1980 in, the United Kingdom, London as the daughter of Simon Ward and Alexandra Malcolm.

Early Life and Education

Mclntyre was born in a family which has already a connection with the Hollywood movie world as both of her parents were reputed, British actors. She was raised by her parents in England alongside her siblings Claudia Ward and Sophie Ward.

Moving to her education as she belongs from a reputed and wealthy family no doubt she had got the best quality education from an honored University. Her other siblings choose other paths for making their careers whereas Kitty sticks to her education phase.

What does Kitty do for a living?

In reference to her siblings' career, her younger sister Sophie Ward had made quite a good position on an acting level following their parent's culture through movies MacGyver: Lost Treasure of Atlantis(1994) and The Moonstone(2016)  but the fate of Kitty in movie world didn't go as planned as she may have been chosen for a different path.

Though Kitty couldn't succeed as an actress she still succeed in her professional life through her knowledge and educational qualification. She is now a well-reputed self entrepreneur working as an aromatherapist for a year now.


Kitty Mclntyre with her husband Michael Mclntyre attending an award ceremony wearing a floral dress
Kitty Mclntyre with her husband Michael Mclntyre attending an award function. source: @The Sun

Net worth

On the basis of the salary given to the professional aromatherapist in England is quite highly rated. Profession related to Hospitals and medicines is highly praised in several countries with highly paid salaries as their real goal is to balance the literacy rate. 

The total estimated net worth of Kitty Mclntyre is more than $1.5 million dollars as of 2022. However, her famed husband earns double her income of $50 million. Although, her husband earns far a lot than her she still chooses a simple life rather than a luxurious one.

Marital Relationship Status

Michael Mclntyre and Kitty Mclntyre met back about 15 years ago and they fall in love with each other. 

At first, their family was against their relationship as they were strict towards Micheal cause he was in his career-making phase.

Kitty Mclntyre with her family on a casual clothes enjoying their holiday
Kitty Mclntyre with her husband Micheal Mclntyre and her son Lucas Ward.source: @Married Biography

 But their love anyhow wins and finally did their wedding vows in 2003 in Evelyn Waugh's home in the presence of their close relatives and friends. Since then these couples had been living together as perfect soulmates and are not involved in such rumors or controversies.

How many children does Kitty have?

From her upgoing successful marriage with Micheal Mclntyre: Showtime film actor directed by Tom Poole, Kitty Mclntyre is blessed with two handsome sons Lucas Ward and Oscar Ward. Her first child was born in 2005 whereas the second one was born in 2008.

Their family is now currently living happily in their luxurious mansion located in Hampstead, London, United Kingdom.

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