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Facts About Kit Hoover - Crowley Sullivan's Wife and Sports Journalist

Published Tue Sep 28 2021 By Kri
Facts About Kit Hoover - Crowley Sullivan's Wife and Sports Journalist

Kit Hoover is an American sportscaster and journalist also known as Catherine, is popular for her appearance as co-host in the show "Access Hollywood Live" alongside Billy Bush. 

She has had many appearances in the television network as well as other various positions with which she has become one of the most successful TV hosts. 


Catherine attended Atlanta High School in Marist. She was very active physically during her high school days which led her to become a track and field star. She consecutively for three years won the mile and two miles run. 

After graduating as an ace from her high school she attended the University of Carolina at Chapel Hill following her dream to become a journalist. She majored in B. An in Journalism and graduated the university. 

Net Worth

As journalists and hosts have a hefty sum paid to them for their hard work it is of no surprise that Kit Hoover has an estimated net worth of $3 million. She has an annual salary that amounts to $400,000 as of 2021. 

Kit Hoover in her sports attire ready for pickleball
Source: Instagram/@kithoover

Kit with her life exposed through her social media loves sharing her activities and updates on her social media. through this, we can observe that she is living a satisfactory life and a life she wants to live. 

As a sports person she is often seen doing and being involved in sports activities, She is also leading a modest and happy life going on trips and vacations. 


The journalist Kit Hoover is happily married to the producer and former director of programming and acquisitions for ESPN Classics, Crowley Sullivan. 

Hoover and Sullivan started dating back in 1995 and got married after four years of dating in 1999. 

Proud parents Kit Hoover and her husband Crowley Sullivan on their son's eighth-grade graduation
Source: Instagram/@kithoover

The couple has three children from their marriage, two daughters and one son. Daughters named Hayes Sullivan and Campbell Sullivan and son named after his father, Crowley Sullivan. Kit and her family of five resides happily in Los Angeles, America. 

Plastic Surgery

Kit Hoover once confessed that she has had plastic surgery in the past. We can differentiate Kit's face structure by looking at her photos from past and present. Nothing more in detail is known about her having plastic surgery except for her single confession. 


The TV personality Hoover started her journalism journey in 1995 through Road Rules, USA's first Adventure show that aired on MTV. After her first appearance on the television as a broadcaster, she worked as an entertainment journalist for American Journal Magazine. 

Kit Hoover with her Access Hollywood Live co-workers
Source: Instagram/@kithoover

After her debut works as a broadcaster she gained many opportunities to work in other various networks and as of today, she has reached a very successful phase in her life and is pleased with her work. 

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