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Meet Kim Byeong-ok – South Korean Actor & “”Mr.Han” in Oldboy

Published Fri Nov 22 2019 By DGM
Meet Kim Byeong-ok – South Korean Actor & “”Mr.Han” in Oldboy

Kim Byeong-ok is a famous South Korean actor who is renown for his role as Mr. Han in Oldboy and Park Seo-joon's father in 2018 hit K-drama 'What's Wrong with Secretary Kim?'.

Byeong-ok was born on the 11th of October, 1960, in Bucheon-si of South Korea. Here are some facts about him:

How Much is He Worth?

The 'No Mercy for the Rude' star Kim Byeong-ok holds an amazing net worth of $7 million from his successful career as an actor in movies, television series, and stage as well.

A picture of actor Kim Byeong-ok.
Kim Byeong-ok is a renown South Korean actor.
Image Source: Channels- V LIVE

Wife - Lee Eun-ja

The 59 years old actor Kim Byeong-ok is currently married to his wife, Lee Eun-ja for more than two decades. He is living a very happy life so far with his soulmate that he walked down the aisle long ago with. The couple has also been blessed with two wonderful daughters.

Father of Two

As we mentioned earlier, the veteran actor is the father of two daughters with his wife. His daughters are Kim Gyeong-seon and Kim Ji-seon from which the firstborn is Gyeong-seon whereas Ji-seon is the younger one. Kim often hangs out with his daughters along with his wife but there aren't really much pictures of the actor together with his family.

Stepped Down From 'Legal High'

Last February, Byeong-ok shocked the entire K-drama fans when he revealed that he was stepping down from the comedy TV series 'Legal High'. He was one of the supporting cast members of the series who portrayed the character Bang Dae Han which everyone appreciated a lot.

A picture of Kim Byeong-ok (first person from right side) along with the stars of the 'Legal High'.
Kim Byeong-ok (first person from right side) along with the stars of the 'Legal High'.
Image Source: Hello K-Pop

After the 'My Secret Terrius' star opened to the world about his decision of backing down from the show, fans became very sad. It was because he was charged with driving after being drunk. It came out one of the residents, who used to live at the same building as him, reported to the police that he was driving very abnormally at the parking lot.

When checked, Kim had a blood alcohol content of 0.085 percent which is enough to get anyone's license suspended. So, in concern that his mistake would put on a bad impression to the show, he decided to drop off the show. He even apologized for his deed and said he would take the full responsibility of his fault and leaving the series would be proper for him.

Physical Measurements

Kim Byeong-ok stands tall at a height of 1.7 m (5 feet 5 inches) with a body mass of 60 kg.

No Social Media Presence

The South Korean native doesn't have any account on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. However, there are some accounts on these platforms made by his fans.

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