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Kevin Sorbo's $30 Million Net Worth - How Did He Get So Damn Rich? All His Income and Properties

Published Thu Sep 10 2020 By Aashika
Kevin Sorbo's $30 Million Net Worth - How Did He Get So Damn Rich? All His Income and Properties

Kevin Sorbo is an actor in Hollywood whose net worth is approximately $30 million. He accumulated his worth through his career as an actor and model. He also makes a huge amount as his avid from directing and producing films. 

He has been active in the entertainment industry since 1988. He is known for his notable work in the Tv series and films such as Andromeda (series), Hopes Faith (series), Walking Tall: The Payback (film), Bitch Slap (film), and so on. 

Let's look at how Sorbo makes his net worth. 

Highest- Grossed Movie

'Sorority Party Massacre' actor, Kevin Sorbo has appeared in almost 53 movies and more than 38 TV series and shows. He got his break after the television movie 'Hercules and the Amazon Women'.  Likewise, he became the most wanted actor for the director to work during the 1980s- 1990s. 

Kevin Sorbo in the movie 'Hercules and the Amazon Women' as Hercules.
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In his career, he has given many hits movies are 'God's Not Dead', 'Let There Be Light', 'The Reliant', 'Soul Surfer', 'Kull the Conqueror', and so on. His most earning movie was 'God's Not Dead' which make $64.7 million in the box office.  There he played the role of a Professor Jeffrey Radisson. 

In the movie 'God's Not Dead' as Professor Jeffrey Radisson.
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As A Model 

The model turned actor has also modeled for many brands in more than a hundred and fifty commercials. He started his modeling career in Europe. He has done Tv commercials for companies like Budweiser, BMW, and Jim Beam. 

Kevin Sorbo on the front page of Exceptional People Magazine. 
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Voice on Video Game

Kevin has provided his voice on nine video games. He gave voice on 'The Conduit' as Prometheus, 'God of War II' as Hercules, 'Skylander: Giants' as Crusher, 'Cloudberry Kingdom' as Bob, and others. He made a decent amount from it. 

Profits As A Director and Producer

Sorbo is also a director and a producer. He is the director of the popular movie ''Hercules: The Legendary Journeys''.  Along with that, he has produced more than twenty movies and series are ''Miracle in East Texas'', "Let There be Light'', "The Reliant", "The Legend of Catclaws", and many more. 

The movie is directed by Kevin Sorbo.
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Author and Public Speaker

Apart from acting, Sorbo is also a part-time author. He is a published author of books like ''Share the Light'', ''True Strength: My journey from Mere Mortal to Mere Hercules'', "Think Positive for Kids", and two more books. Additionally, as a public speaker, the actor receives a good amount of checks for speaking engagements in a variety of events.

A picture of his popular book ''True Strength''.
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Owner of Grand Mansions

Hercules of 'Hercules and the Amazon Women' has been living a prosperous lifestyle in a lavish mansion. He is the owner of two houses which in total cost is $17.495 million. 

He's one of the houses is an 8,000 sq.ft. in Hampton that has been rented. Its cost is $9,95 million. Similarly, he has 12,000 sq.ft. on six acres in Water Mill. The house is on the market price of $7.995 million.

A picture of Kevin's house in Hampton.
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Sold Luxury House

Sorbo has sold his house of 10,000 square feet on 3.5 acres which are located in Curbed Hampton. It is sold for $7 million. The house has seven bedrooms, 7.5 bathrooms along with a pool. 

Kevin Sorbo's House in Curbed Hampton.
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