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Kerrie McCarver: Unveiling Fascinating Details About Jerry Lee Lewis' Sixth Spouse

Published Thu May 25 2023 By Logan
Kerrie McCarver: Unveiling Fascinating Details About Jerry Lee Lewis' Sixth Spouse

In the world of music, love stories often unfold amidst fame and fortune. One such captivating tale revolves around Kerrie McCarver, who gained fame and recognition as the former wife of the legendary American singer Jerry Lee Lewis

Jerry and Kerrie's relationship, marked by love, controversy, and resilience, captured the attention of fans and the media. In this article, we delve into the intriguing life of Kerrie, exploring her early days, her marriage to Jerry, and the impact it had on both their lives.

Early Life Details

Born on December 31, 1962, in the United States, Kerrie McCarver entered the world as the daughter of humble beginnings. Growing up in a family facing financial struggles, she experienced a challenging childhood. 

Though limited information is available about her early life, it is evident that McCarver's upbringing instilled in her a sense of resilience and determination that would shape her future endeavors.

A Quick Look At Kerrie & Jerry's Married Life

Kerrie McCarver's most notable and enduring relationship was her marriage to the renowned American singer Jerry Lee Lewis. The couple met in December 1983 and embarked on a journey of love and controversy. 

Kerrie McCarver along with her late husband, Jerry Lee Lewis.
Kerrie McCarver along with her late husband, Jerry Lee Lewis. Source: Instagram @oldhollywoodcouples

They exchanged vows on April 24, 1984, in the presence of family and close friends. However, after 21 years of marriage, the couple parted ways, finalizing their divorce in June 2005. 

Has A Son 

During Kerrie and Jerry Lewis' over two-decade-long marriage, they had a son named Jerry Lee Lewis III, who was born in 1987. Following their separation, McCarver obtained custody of their child, and Jerry Lee Lewis III has been living with her ever since. 

Despite their parents' split, Lewis III holds equal love for both his father and mother, harboring no ill feelings towards either of them. However, the former couple has not shared a single picture of their son on any social media platforms.

Did You Know Kerrie McCarver's Is The 6th Wife Of Jerry Lee Lewis?

Jerry Lee Lewis, the renowned musician, has had a tumultuous marital history. He has been married multiple times before his current wife, Judith Brown. His first marriage was to Dorothy Barton in 1952, but they separated after just one year. In 1953, he married Jane Mitchum, but they divorced in 1957.

Kerrie McCarver's ex-husband Jerry Lee Lewis with his second wife Jane Mitchum
Kerrie McCarver's ex-husband Jerry Lee Lewis with his second wife Jane Mitchum (Image Source: The Guardain)

Lewis's third marriage took place in 1958 with Myra Gale Brown. However, this relationship ended in 1970. Tragically, his fourth wife, Jaren Elizabeth Gunn Pate, passed away in 1982, just one year after their marriage. In the same year, Lewis married Shawn Stephens, but she also died in 1983, shortly after their wedding.

After five unsuccessful marriages, Lewis entered into a relationship with Kerrie McCarver, becoming his sixth wife. However, this marriage also ended in separation in 2005. Currently, Lewis is happily married to Judith Brown, with whom he tied the knot in 2012, and they have been enjoying a successful marriage for over a decade.

Net Worth: Is Kerrie McCarver A Millionaire?

The exact details of Jerry Lee Lewis's former wife McCarver's bank balance and her source of income remain undisclosed to the public. While some online tabloids speculate that she may be worth more than $3 million, there is no concrete information available.

Rumors suggest that McCarver receives a substantial amount of money in alimony following her divorce from her former husband, Jerry Lee Lewis. It seems that Lewis' wealth and income were the primary financial resources for McCarver during their marriage.

As for Lewis himself, he is a millionaire who has amassed a fortune of approximately $10 million through his highly successful singing career.

Physical Appearance

Jerry Lee Lewis' sixth wife Kerrie McCarver, who is over sixty years old, naturally has wrinkles on her face. She possesses fair skin, brown eyes, and blonde hair, although her natural hair color is white.

Kerrie McCarver posing for a photoshoot.
Kerrie McCarver posing for a photoshoot. Source: Instagram @oldhollywoodcouples

While McCarver has not disclosed her exact height and weight, based on her photos on social media, she appears to be taller than 5 feet 5 inches (165 cm). She weighs approximately 60 kg (132 lbs).

Reflections on Kerrie McCarver's Life

Kerrie McCarver's journey through love, fame, and personal growth is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit. From her modest beginnings to her marriage to the iconic Jerry Lee Lewis, she has experienced both the highs and lows that come with a life in the spotlight. 

While Kerrie has chosen to retreat from public view in recent years, the impact she had on Jerry Lee Lewis's life and career during their 21-year marriage remains significant. Her story serves as a reminder that behind every public figure, there are individuals with their own personal narratives, dreams, and challenges.

Kerrie McCarver along with her late husband, Jerry Lee Lewis. Source: Instagram @oldhollywoodcouples

As time goes on, the legacy of Kerrie McCarver, both as a woman who stood by her partner and as an individual finding her own path, continues to captivate those who seek a deeper understanding of the lives behind the fame. Her commitment to her son, her ability to weather the storms of a public relationship, and her unwavering resilience offer a glimpse into the complexities and triumphs of love and personal growth.

While her current endeavors and daily activities remain undisclosed, it is clear that Kerrie McCarver's life, like any individual's, is a tapestry of experiences, lessons, and moments of both joy and heartache. And in the annals of celebrity history, she remains a figure whose presence and impact will forever be intertwined with the legendary Jerry Lee Lewis.

About Jerry Lee Lewis's Seventh Marriage Controversy

After Jerry Lee Lewis divorced Kerrie McCarver, he found love once again, this time with Judith Brown. However, their union caused a stir of controversy among the audience. Judith Brown is the former wife of Rusty Brown, the brother of Jerry Lee Lewis's third wife, Myra Gale Brown. 

The singer faced criticism from the public for entering into a relationship with his brother-in-law's former spouse. Despite the controversy surrounding their marriage, Jerry Lee Lewis and Judith Brown have managed to maintain their relationship, celebrating over a decade together as husband and wife since their marriage in 2012.


Kerrie McCarver's professional pursuits and achievements are relatively unknown. With her focus primarily on her family and personal life, she has not pursued a prominent career in the public eye. 

However, her former husband, Jerry Lee Lewis, has had an exceptional career as a singer and pianist. Known for his electrifying performances, Lewis has left an indelible mark on the music industry, achieving numerous accolades and milestones throughout his career.

McCarver Stays Away From Social Media Platforms

Unlike many other celebrity wives, McCarver does not have a presence on social media platforms, indicating her preference for privacy and personal space. She seems to enjoy staying away from the media.

Consequently, there is a lack of information about McCarver's current life and daily activities. Additionally, she has not been seen onscreen for a considerable period, further contributing to the dearth of details about her present circumstances.

Facts You Need To Know About Kerrie McCarver

  • Kerrie McCarver was married to Jerry Lee Lewis for twenty-one years, making her his longest-lasting wife.
  • McCarver first saw Lewis when she was ten years old and made up her mind to marry him. They tied the knot when she turned nineteen.
  • She provided support to Lewis during his leg injury, which occurred while jet skiing.
  • McCarver learned to play the piano from Lewis, adding to her skills. Lewis, known as a singer, is also a talented pianist.


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