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Kemeria Abajobir Abajifar - Controversial Princess of Ethiopia

Published Wed Jul 14 2021 By Aashika
Kemeria Abajobir Abajifar - Controversial Princess of Ethiopia

Kemeria Abajobir Abajifar is popular as a royal family member of Ethiopia and is an entrepreneur who is the CEO of "Massara Group". She grabbed the attention of the media and public when she had a love affair with Alexandre de Lesseps. 

On 19th June 1972, she was born in Jimma, Oromia, Ethiopia. Abajobir belongs to the royal family and grew in all traditions and cultures. She has two sisters with whom she passed her childhood. 

To know more about her, read the below paragraphs which might help you. 

Belongs to Royal Family Background

Kemeria Abajobir Abajifar is a great-granddaughter of Abba Jifar II, who was King of the Gibe Kingdom of Jimma from 1878-1932. Likewise, she is the niece of Ababiya Abajobir. 

He is the founding member of the separatist organization, "Oromo Liberation Front (OLF)". Abajobir served in several positions including Head of OLF's Foreign Affairs in Washington. Her uncle got resigned in 2003 to try to bring peace between OLF and the government of Ethiopia. 

Married Life

Ethiopia's princess Kemeria Abajobir Abajifar is a happily married woman. Her husband's identity has not been revealed publicly and is a mysterious person. 

The couple has been in married life for almost three decades and is the parents of two children. Once Kemeria uploaded the picture with her spouse on her Instagram account. 

Kemeria Abajobir Abajifar with her husband. 
Image Source: Instagram (@princesskemeria)

Has Two Children 

Abajifar is the mother of two young children. She has one son and one daughter with her husband. Though there is no information about their name and date of birth she has posted some pictures of her children. The two have already completed their education and are focus to make a successful career.  

Kemeria Abajobir Abajifar with her two children.
Image Source: Instagram (@princesskemeria)

Why Abajifar Came Into Controversy?

Kemeria Abajobir Abajifar became the headline of the media when she became the reason behind the separation of an entrepreneur, Alexandra de Lesseps, and television personality, LuAnn de Lesseps. 

While Abajobir and Lessepe were in a relationship, they were capture in events and vacations, spending time together. But after a short period of duration, the pair got split and parted ways. 

A picture of Kemeria Abajobir Abajifar and Alexandra de Lesseps.
Image Source: Pinterest

Low Profile 

The princess of Ethiopia has been away from the media after the controversy. She kept her distance from the limelight and is living a private life. Abajifar has spotted some charity events and social programs. There is an Instagram account where her followers are more than 103 and the username is @princesskemeria.  

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