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Kelsey Cook - Biography and Other Facts That You Need to Know

Published Sun Feb 06 2022 By ervin
Kelsey Cook - Biography and Other Facts That You Need to Know

Kelsey Evelyn Cook highly known as Kelsey Cook is an American standup comedian and a YouTuber. The performer is widely known among the public for performing on FOX shows Laughs and AXS TV's Gotham Comedy Live.

Cook was born on April 10, 1989, in Spokane, Washington, United States. She has shown up in a tv series "Walk of Shame Shuttle".

kelsey cook wearing a red tee.
 Kelsey Cook took pictures for her Instagram after completing her makeup tutorial. Photo Source: Instagram @kelseycookcomedy.

Early life And Family

Kelsey cook was born and raised in Washington. Her parents are Kathy Brainard and Chris Brown. Kathy Brainard is a retired foosball player and Chris is a trumpet player in his free time, he loves doing poet. She hasn't revealed anything about her siblings.

From an early age, She had dreamed of becoming a comedian, and then she began her career over a decade now. She has always been a topic of praise in her family's talks.

According to her, while she was young she made her first public appearance in her university's hall in front of a massive number of students where she got praised after the performance. The support she was shown after her performance encouraged her to pursue a career in comedy.

Cook's Education

Cook's enrolled at her local high school and graduated. Later on, she joined Washington State University. In 2011, she acquired a degree in broadcast journalism. 

Kelsey's Career

After achieving the degree from Washington State University, she began her career as a comedian. She started performing at small shows in the minor club. She worked part-time in different jobs, marketing to pay her bills in Los Angeles. 

In 2014, her comedian career started picking up the pace when she made her appearance in a famous show "Laugh Factory" and "Permanent Comedy" with Todd Armstrong.

She has appeared in many popular tv shows such as "The Greatest Party", "Gotham Comedy Live" and many more. She has also worked with famous comedian James Thomas Fallon and Canadian comedian Lilly Singh.

Later on, she started her own comedy tour where she visited many places in the United States, hosted many shows, and started her own podcast.

Kelsey Cook wearing a black tee.
Kelsey Cook at Laugh Factory nights. Photo Source: Instagram @kelseycookcomedy.

The Comedian's Relationship

Kelsey Cook met Kane Holloway in an open mic event where both were performing their shows in Tacoma. Kelsey was impressed by Kane's performance and started officially dating in 2011.

The couple were engaged for some time and finally got married in 2019, July. 

Kelsey Evelyn Cook's Net Worth

Kelsey Evelyn Cook's net worth is estimated to be more than over $400,000. She potentially earns a good amount of money from her comedian career.

The comedian's average salary is $80k. She also earns handsome money from YouTube.

YouTube Channel

Cook is not only just seen on her comedy performances but also shows presence on her YouTube channels. Her YouTube channel Kelsey Cook has 9.55k subscribers where she uploads short videos and makeup tutorials.

She has her own podcast Self-Helpless which has 9.22K subscribers featuring Delanie Fischer and Taylor Tomlinson.

Kelsey Cook wearing a pink one piece.
 Kelsey Cook posing for her Instagram account. Photo Source: @kelseycookcomedy.

YouTuber's Body Measurement

The American Youtuber  Kelsey Cook's height is 5feet 4inches (1.54cm) and her weight is around 53kgs (117lbs). She has attractive eyes which are blue in color and has blonde color healthy hair.

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