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Kelly Jade Tiller's Journey: Growing Up in the Shadow of a Music Maestro

Published Tue Jan 02 2024 By Shraddha
Kelly Jade Tiller's Journey: Growing Up in the Shadow of a Music Maestro

Kelly Jade Tiller, announced via Instagram by her parents Bryson Tiller and Kendra Bailey, marks the couple's first child together. Let's explore the life of Kelly Jade Tiller in detail. 

Kelly Jade Tiller’s Early Life 

Kelly Jade Tiller was born on December 30, 2019. She has embarked on a notable life journey, achieving significant milestones. Kelly Jade Tiller is the daughter of singer Bryson Tiller and his girlfriend Kendra Bailey. 

Kelly Jade Tiller With Her Mother, Kendra Bailey.
Source: Pinterest 

At 4 years old, they stand as a prominent figure in their field, with their impact steadily expanding. Each December 30, they celebrate another year of life and accomplishments, further solidifying their influence.

How Rich is Kelly Jade Tiller?

Kelly Jade Tiller's net worth is not publicly disclosed or extensively documented. However, estimations suggest that her net worth is in the millions of dollars. This estimate is likely attributed to her family background and the influence of her parents. 

In contrast, Kelly Jade Tiller's mother, Kendra Bailey, is estimated to have a net worth of approximately $400,000. This figure primarily stems from her career as a social media influencer and fashion model.

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Kelly Jade Tiller Parent’s Relationship 

Bryson Tiller and Kendra Bailey commenced their relationship in 2018 and have maintained their partnership ever since. While there hasn't been an official announcement regarding their engagement, speculations arose when Bailey was spotted wearing a wedding band on her finger during the 2022 Billboard Music Awards. The couple was seen posing together on the red carpet.

Kelly Jade Tiller With Her Parents, In a Vacation.
Source: Pinterest 

Bailey recognized as a model and online entertainment personality, boasts a substantial following on her social media platforms. She has secured endorsements with the London-based agency Storm and holds the role of a brand ambassador for Christian Dior.

Did Bryson Tiller and Kendra Bailey’s Broke Up?

There is currently no definitive confirmation regarding the breakup between Bryson Tiller and Kendra Bailey. Speculations about their relationship status have surfaced among fans for several reasons, including Kendra's absence from Bryson's Instagram posts and her deletion of certain TikTok videos featuring them together. However, these factors do not offer conclusive evidence of a breakup.

Presently, there is no available information confirming whether Bryson Tiller and Kendra Bailey have parted ways. Their relationship has spanned several years, and they share a daughter named Kelly Jade Tiller, born in 2019.

Kelly Jade Tiller’s Father, Bryson TillerTop of Form

Bryson Tiller, an American singer-songwriter born on January 2, 1993, hails from Louisville, Kentucky. He initiated his musical journey during high school, showcasing both singing and rapping talents. Tiller gained prominence with his debut single titled "Don't," which reached the 13th position on the Billboard Hot 100. In October 2015, he released his first studio album, "Trapsoul," which secured the eighth spot on the Billboard 200 chart.

Kelly JadeTiller Having a Fun Play Time With Her Father, Bryson Tiller.
Source: Pinterest 

Renowned for his distinct musical style termed "trap soul," Tiller has two daughters: Harley Loraine Tiller from a previous relationship and Kelly Jade Tiller with his girlfriend Kendra Bailey. Despite speculations, there hasn't been definitive confirmation of Bryson Tiller and Kendra Bailey's breakup, and they are believed to be together at present.

Kelly Jade Tiller’s Mother, Kendra Bailey

Born on October 13, 1997, in Minnesota, Kendra Bailey is an American model, YouTube personality, and Instagram sensation. She gained recognition for her association with American singer Bryson Tiller and her contributions to the fashion and social media sectors.

Bailey boasts a substantial Instagram following, exceeding 450,000 followers. Her presence has been acknowledged in publications such as Hot New Hip Hop, Celeb Buzz, and Hype Fresh.

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Details on Kelly Jade Tiller’s Parents' Past Relationship 

Bryson Tiller has had several relationships in the past, although detailed information about his dating history remains somewhat unclear. According to certain sources, he appears to be prioritizing his role as a father to his two daughters and is reportedly not currently in a relationship. Previous relationships that have been linked to him include ones with Cheyanne Sparks, Markea Bivens, and Kehlani. Tiller has a daughter named Harley Loraine Tiller from a previous relationship.

Kendra Bailey has kept details about her previous relationships private in the available sources. She is presently in a relationship with Bryson Tiller. The couple began dating in 2018.

Kelly Jade Tiller's Siblings

That's correct. Kelly Jade Tiller, the daughter of Bryson Tiller and Kendra Bailey, has one half-sister named Harley Loraine Tiller from Bryson Tiller's prior relationship.

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