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Rapper Kellee Maize - Jimmy McNichol’s Daughter With Wife Renee McNichol

Published Fri Sep 20 2019 By Samana
Rapper Kellee Maize - Jimmy McNichol’s Daughter With Wife Renee McNichol

Kellee Maize is a rapper singer, and songwriter and a celebrity baby girl of the famous child actor and the singer Jimmy Vincent McNichol III also mainly known as Jimmy McNichol and Renee McNichol. Rapper Kellee was born on 18th January 1980 in New Berlin, Pennsylvania. 

The name "Kellee" means “The one who suffers strife during battle, war, strife, bright-headed, from brilliant mind”.

Self Net Worth- How Much is Kellee Maize Worth?

Kellee Maize is worth $1 million but she is rapidly growing and getting on to be a multi-millionaire soon. She is a talented rapper, singer and a songwriter who has released many albums throughout the years. 

Her first album is named "Age of Feminine " and she released it on the year 2007. The album had two million listens and over one hundred thousand downloads which inspired her to do more and after that she released her second album called "Aligned Archetype", followed by others.

Kellee's second album cover.
Kellee's second album cover.
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Famous Biological Father and His Net Worth

Kellee Maize's father, Jimmy McNichol has the net worth of $2 million. He accumulated his riches through his time on the television since he was a child. He has starred in many advertisements as a child and also in television show series as an adult. He is a multi talented man who is also a part of a band named "Jimmy James". 

Kellee's father, Jimmy as a child.
Kellee's father, Jimmy McNichol as a child.
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Father and Step Mother's Relationship

Kellee's father and her step mother, Renee McNichol had met through their mutual friends and had started to develop feelings for each others. Not missing out his chance, Jimmy asked Renee out and she said yes to the date. The two started to fall for each other after many dates and finally got engaged. 

The duo got into the marital bond, tying the knot in the year 1997 in a small ceremony which only included close friends and family and the bride ad the groom. 

Adopted By The Maizes

Kellee was birthed by one of Jimmy McNichol's exes and was put up for adoption without letting him know. She was adopted by two great people: Chris and Terry Maize who raised her brilliantly without letting her suffer or be sad about her biological parents.

Reconnected With Biological Family At 22

The funniest thing is Jimmy did not know Kellee existed until 2010. The two were both informed about it and they were ecstatic about being together as a family after she lost her adoptive mother to cancer and also her adoptive father, who lost his life soon after.

Has Her Own Website

Kellee has created her own website where her fans and everyone can be updated on her music and other things she is up to. Her official website is and the site is always updated. So if you want any update on the rapper, you can easily visit her website. 

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