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About Keegan Joyce - Detail on Personal Life of Australian Actor With Pictures

Published Sat Dec 26 2020 By Aashika
About Keegan Joyce - Detail on Personal Life of Australian Actor With Pictures

Keegan Joyce is an Australian actor who has appeared in the film, 'Wall Boy' as the main character. He has been working in the acting industry for almost sixteen years. 

The handsome actor was born on 25th August 1989, in Sydney, New South Wales and his birth sign is Virgo. He is a student of The King's School and later, attended the Sydney Conservatorium of Music and graduated in 2014.

Here are some facts about Joyce that you should know. 

How Much Is Net Worth?

Joyce has an estimated net worth of $1.3 million, He accumulated his income from a successful acting career. The actor came onto the big screen from the movie,  'For Every Year' in 2004. 

Then, he appeared in series and films like 'Rake', 'Greg's  First Day', 'Superman Return', and many.  Keegan got immense fame after playing the series,  'Please Like Me' as Arnold from 2014 to 2016.

In the series 'Please Like Me' with co-star Josh Thomas.
Image Source: Time Magazines.

Is A Musician 

Not only in the acting, but the actor is also famous in the music industry. After getting a degree in music, Joyce is a folk singer and manage soundtrack who has been singing since 2016 in the field. 

He released his album, 'Snow on Higher Ground' where single tracks are 'Cooma' 'Rock, Salt, and Nails', 'Sydney', 'Midnight Train', and eight others. The singer has also sung two songs 'Chandelier' and 'Jewel Stop the Crown'. 

Singer of 'Rock, Salt, and Nails'.
Image Source: Youtube

Relationship and Love Life

Keegan Joyce has been in a relationship with Maryellen Rose, a writer. They met in Byron Bay through a mutual and now often post pictures of each other as a couple. 

They attended wedding parties and other events together. The pair shares romantic photos on their Instagram account which is proof of love. 

Keegan Joyce with his girlfriend Maryellen Rose and pet. 
Image Source: Instagram 

Has To Proved His Sexuality

On 23rd July 2018, in an interview with Pressreader, the singer told that his girlfriend recognized him from the show, 'Please Like Me'. In the series, he played the role of gay and Rose thought he is gay at their first introduction.

Later, Joyce has to convince her about his sexual orientation which took almost a month when he started flirting.


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Active on Sports 

Few people know that Joyce likes to play sports, especially a game of golf. He uploads a photo with his friends playing golf matches. Besides, sometimes he is spotted in the field of sports and supporting the team. 

A picture of Keegan Joyce with his friend on the golf field.
Image Source: Instagram


He is active in social works by which also the actor has been winning the heart of fans. Recently, Keegan donated plasma, a yellowish liquid component of blood that holds the blood cells of whole blood in suspension. 

Social Media 

As for social media, the handsome musician has an account on Instagram and Twitter. There, he has 58.9k and 11.3k followers respectively. Joyce is regular updated on social sites.

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