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Get To Know K.C. Amos – Son of John Amos and Noel J. Mickelson

Published Tue Apr 21 2020 By Lewis Willman
Get To Know K.C. Amos – Son of John Amos and Noel J. Mickelson

Actor John Amos should be proud of his son Kelly Christopher Amos AKA K.C Amos, who has chosen to go behind the camera and direct indi-movies such as Syphon Gun (1995), Hauntsville (2016) and Tamales and Gumbo (2015).

Not only that his direction endeavors got him a Grammy nomination on 38TH Annual Gramy nomination in 1995 for Where'd You Hide The Body, best music video long form which was a composed and voiced by James McMurtry.

Net Worth Around $1 million

After directing several three movies and sharing projects with his father and sister, K.C holds $1 million net worth. Likewise, his father John is worth around $4 million, and the Emmi winner actor falls three million short when compared to his producer daughter, as K.C's sister Shannon is worth an astonishing 7 million all earned through artistic efforts in the industry. 

Inactive Since Tamales and Gumbo

In 2015, he directed Tamales and Gumbo starring his own father as one of the leads in the African-American multi-starer movie but has taken a hiatus from direction.

John And K.C. Amos Picture Compilation
John And K.C. Amos Picture Compilation
PC Glamourpath, with the courtesy of My-Space Stack photo

Sister is a Well Known Producer

Yes! He isn't the only child prospect of the Prodegy actor John Amos and actress mother Noel J. Mickelson, the director has a well known producer sibling sister Shannon Amos, known for producing videos for Snoop Dogg, Jodeci, Ice Cube and Dr. Dre. He is the youngest of Actor John Amos children.

K.C Amos Sister and American Producer Shannon Amos
K.C Amos Sister and American Producer Shannon Amos.
PC: Glamourpath

Parents Divorced Back in 1975

Not every family sees the happy days, both K.C Amos and Shannon Amos underwent a family wrecking divorce when they were very young to understand the meaning of a broken family.

His parents were married in 1965, and K.C was born in 1970s, so while he was a merely a child, his parents went through a divorce and moved on with their lives. Though, Actor John Amos took a good care of his children despite their divorce, it was a sad moment for John and Noel Mikelson's unaware children.

Shares a good bond with his father

John at the age of 80, still shares a very good relationship with both of his children, but K.C is fairly close to his dad. The father-son duo have several pictures taken together, scattered all over the internet. But, despite having his father's good looks, K.C. is only credited for a single movie as an actor.

John And K.C. Amos
PC: iloveoldschoolmusic

Stays Away From Social Media

Although, he once was on Instagram, now he is completely off the social buzz by choice. He lives a very low key life and isn't available on any platforms. But back in the days, when My-Space was famous, K.C and John used to put-up several images together. 

No Records of Marriage or Children

As a celebrity son of a father who has accomplished various things at time a racially changeling time, he understands the significance of living a low key life away from the drama. Though, he creates big-screen dramas, he dosen't let it toxicate his life, may be that's why K.C. has chosen to shot all the doors into his personal life.

So far his partner, and children aren't known to the media.

That's all we have on K.C. Amos for now, keep up with Glampourpath for more!