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About Kayla McCall Tausche - CNBC Anchor and Co-Anchor of Squawk Alley

Published Sun Aug 09 2020 By Aashika
About Kayla McCall Tausche - CNBC Anchor and Co-Anchor of Squawk Alley

Kayla McCall Tausche is a popular broadcast journalist for CNBC. She has been broadcasting in the net work station since 2011. She has served as a co-anchor of Squawk Alley.

She was born to the parents Karen Tausche (mother) and Kurt Tausche (father) on July 17, 1986. Her birthplace is Minneapolis, Minnesota, in the United States. Her birth sign is Cancer.

Here are some unknown facts about Tausche.

What’s Her Net Worth and Earning?

Kayla Tausche has accumulated a huge amount of net worth of $5 million. She receives approximately $2 million annually as a salary. She earns through her career as journalism. 

According to PayScale, the annual income of the CNBC anchor’s salary is $647,061 per year. But Kayla makes more earning as being a talented and smart news anchor. 

Married to Jeffery Jacob

In 2015 April, CNBC anchor Kayla Tausche got married to her boyfriend Jeffery Jacob. They met in 2013, after having a two years relationship they decided to make promises for being a life partner. Their wedding ceremony was held by Msgr. Francis G. McNamee at Cathedral of Christ the King in Atlanta. 

A wedding picture of Kayla Tausche and Jeffery Jacob.
Image Source: Pinterest

Her husband, Jacob is a law clerk to Judge Nicholas G. Graufis and works in the United States District Court. He has graduated cum laude from Princeton and obtained a law degree from Columbia. 

Has A Daughter - Catherine Clancy Izant

She gave birth to her first child, a daughter on September 12, 2018, in Sibley Memorial Hospital. Her daughter was born as a healthy baby with 7 IB 2oz weight. She and her spouse named their princess name as Catherine Clancy Izant. 

On her 1st birthday, on September 12, 2019, Kayla shares a beautiful picture of her daughter Catherine with pieces of cakes on the table. 

An adorable picture of Tausche's daughter of her 1-year-old celebration.  
Image Source: Instagram

Parents and Education Background

As mentioned previously, she is the daughter of Karen C. Tausha and Kurt C. Tausha. Her father is the founder of Atlanta’s brand development and marketing whereas the mother is a housewife.

Kayla attended the Greater Atlanta Christian School. She later went to the University of North Carolina, where she became a student of incorporating journalism. Also, she was a member of the college cheerleading squad. 

During college, she got an opportunity to work for Brussels Association Press Office in the city.

Her Journey of Journalism Career

Tausha’s professional life began when she started covering the news at Bloomberg L.P right after graduation. There, she used to cover consumer and retail news. 

After that, she worked at the Mergermarket DealReporter team.  She visited CNBC and CNBC World in the duration of the 2000s to discuss mergers and acquisitions. 

In 2011, she joined CNBC as a general assignment reporter and reported on finance. She works for CNBC’s business day programming. She has worked as a newsreader to MSNBC, Today, Weekend Today, etc. She got fame internationally when she worked on Hong Kong reporting by numerous foreign newspapers from British to Chinese. 

An anchor of CNBC News.

Almost Got Arrested in Childhood

At ten years old, Kayla was doing business with her father and other family members. The business was of friendship bracelets in the Olympic rank colors. They sold $1,000 worth of bracelets, and the police wanted to arrest them for operating a business without a license. At last, her father stepped in, and they escaped some jail time because he argued they were children. 

Active on Social Media

Kayla Tausha is active in social media. She has Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook with 10k followers, 93.2k followers, and 5,506 followers respectively. She often gave daily news from her social account.

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