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Katharine Towne - 'Sunday' From 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer'

Published Wed Feb 02 2022 By sijal
Katharine Towne -  'Sunday' From 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer'

Katharine Towne is a popular Hollywood actress known for her role in the 1990's movies one of them was "Sol Goode". Katharine had a gene of the movie industry as most of her family members are connected to Hollywood industries.

Towne was born Katharine Payne Towne on July 17, 1978, in Los Angeles, California, the United States as the daughter of actress Julie Payne and scriptwriter Robert Towne.


 As Katharine Towne was born into a famed and wealthy family it was obvious she did her academic phrase in prestigious schools and college. 

Although she didn't get to complete her full degree yet she still finished her graduation in the management field.

Towne did her schooling at Second Baptist School and she graduated from the honored Boston College-Wallace E. Carroll Graduate School of Management.

Filmography and Professional life

Besides being belonged to a family connected with the film industry "Sol Goode" actress still managed to have her own recognizable persona in the Hollywood world with her charm and aurora.

These are the movies granddaughter of the well-known faces of the industry John Payne and Anne Shirley was featured in "Easy Six"(2003), "Beauty And The Least"(2012), "Sweet Home Alabama"(2002), and many more extraordinary 90's movies.


Katharine Towne sponsoring a beauty brand
Katharine Towne doing a photoshoot for a makeup brand. source:@Fandango 

Net Worth and Earnings

"Easy six" actress had good earnings since she debuted as a bold and charming actress in the movie industry. Since she had also got the wealth from her parents and grandparents there is no doubt she is living a luxurious life.

The total estimated net worth of former Hollywood actress Katharine Towne is more than $2.5 million Dollars as of 2022.

 Relationship Status

Though Katharine Towne is a gorgeous lady in the industry there is no doubt many had got their eyes on her. In past, Towne had dated several guys during her career days. 

It won't be shocking that Katharine Towne was once a married woman. Katharine got married to her long-term boyfriend Charlie Hunnam also an actor himself whom she was dating since they first met on the set of Dawsons Creek.


Katharine Towne ex-husband Charlie Hunnam with his current wife Morgana McNelis
Katharine's ex-husband Charlie Hunnam spotted with his wife Morgana McNelis. source: @Hollywood Life

Is Katharine Towne still a married woman?

Likely the marital status of other Hollywood celebs these couples also couldn't make their marriage successful. Katharine and Charlie officially got divorced in 2002 and didn't want the media to interfere with their private life.

From her former marriage with Charlie, Katharine didn't have any children as she was young and was in her career struggling phase. 

What had happened to Katharine?

After being in failed marriage the ex-wife of Charlie Hunnam decided to still continue her professional and private life sincerely. But soon her professional life turn into another way and got ended ineffectively.

Similarly, her love life also didn't go well as it should have been. There was a rumor of her dating the famous actor Ethan Embry and the couple was also getting engaged soon. But shortly the news of their engagement being canceled came out. 

What is Katharine Towne doing now?

Even though her fate in profession and love life was a total failure this beautiful diva hadn't given up on herself. 

She is still hardworking for her rise up by letting her live in a private way far from media and paparazzi. Katharine is now active on Twitter she often tweets on it about her life situations. 

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