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Katey Sagal Breast Implants and Plastic Surgery Rumors – Before and After Pics

Published Wed Jul 31 2019 By DGM
Katey Sagal Breast Implants and Plastic Surgery Rumors – Before and After Pics

The famous American actress and the Peggy Bundy portrayer in the 'Married... with Children', Katey Sagal is rumored to have gone under the knife and had three plastic surgeries. 

Sagal is alleged to have breast implants, facelifts, and Botox. Here is a brief description of her possible surgery speculations:

Katey Before and After Surgery

The 'Married... with Children' star has undergone some serious and noticeable changes in her body throughout these years. If you remember her from the 1987 sitcom show, you can definitely see the differences in her before and after body. 

A before and after picture of Katey Sagal hinting the use of plastic surgeries.
Katey Sagal has transformed a lot throughout her career.

From the above-given picture, we can easily point out the differences between her face and breasts from the past and the present as they have altered a lot after all these years.

Breast Implants

The mother of three (Esme Louise Sutter, Jackson James White, and Sarah Grace White) is believed to have implants on her breasts through a cosmetic procedure. The insinuations follow up as there has been significant growth in her breast size.

Katey Sagal's breasts weren't as huge as they are today and used to be of just average size. While people claim that her breast size increased via plastic surgery, it could have also increased after giving birth to her children. 

The fellow 'Underworld' star Kate Beckinsale is also rumored to have her breasts augmented

Face Lift

The 'Pitch Perfect 2' star is also accused of having Face Lift because she doesn't have many aging signs on her face despite being in her mid-sixties. She has lesser saggy skin, fine lines, and wrinkles if we compare her to other women of her age.

In picture, Katey Sagal's transforming face throughout the years.
Katey Sagal before (left) and after (right).

The $40 million worth of Katey is suspected to have her face lifted and toned it to gain a much more youthful face. 

Her alleged surgery might have helped her face reduce the aging symptoms to a huge extent. She looks 10-15 years younger than her actual age and is still a glorifying actress.

Botox Injections

Kurt Sutter's spouse is also linked with rumors of using Botox injections on her face. This is because the frown creases on her forehead have seemingly disappeared though she has crossed over 50. 

Katey Sagal is also speculated to have used Botox injections.

If we compare Sagal's before and after pictures, we can notice that her cheeks and jawline have changed a lot. The "Stay Young" appearance that she carries has been creating a lot of rumors about Botox. 

Though she hasn't admitted to having cosmetic injections, she is still very young for people of her age.

Did you know that Katey has also inked three tattoos on her body?

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