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About Kate Luyben - Details and Pictures of Jim Jefferies's Wife Who is an Actress

Published Fri Dec 04 2020 By Aashika
About Kate Luyben -  Details and Pictures  of Jim Jefferies's Wife Who is an Actress

Kate Luyben is a prominent actress in Hollywood who has been working for more than two decades. She has played in numerous movies and Tv series such as 'My 5 Wives', 'Shanghai Noon', 'True Blood', and so on. 

The Canadian-actress came into this world on June 30, 1972, in Canada. Her real name is Katherine Luyben and her zodiac sign is Cancer. Moreover, she is also known as the wife of a comedian, Jim Jefferies. 

Let's look at some facts about actress Luyben that people are unknown about. 

How much is her net worth?

Luban has an estimated net worth of $3 million which she has been earning through her acting career. In 1998, the actress made her first debut in the movie 'Misbegotten'. 

Then, she has given outstanding performances in many comedian films and Tv series. The series is 'Criminal Minds', 'Two Half Men', and so on, similarly, movies are 'Miss March', 'Dead in the Water', and many more. 

Her other source is endorsement deals and advertisement campaigns for which she is paid a good amount. 

Husband: Jim Jefferies 

Luyben is happily married to Jim Jefferies, a well-known personality as an actor, stand-up comedian, and writer. The couple started dating in mid-2011.

At the end of the same year, the pair decided to get married and became husband and wife. After the year, they welcomed a little boy with whom they have been living a blissful life. 

Kate Luyben and her husband Jim Jefferies. 
Image Source: Getty Image

Mother of a Son

The actress is the mother of an adorable son whose name is Hank Jefferies, born in 2012. Her son is currently 8 years and attending primary schools. Both Luyben and Jefferies are very possessive when it comes to their son and likes to keep him behind the camera. 

A picture with a son Hank Jefferies.
Image Source: Instagram 

Past Love Affair

In her past, she was in a relationship with a handsome actor of Hollywood, Nathan Fillion. They began their love life in 2010 and also spotted together at the American Music Awards (AMA). Then, their relationship couldn't go ahead, and broke up in 2011. 

Kate Luyben and actor Nathan Fillion's picture when they were in a relationship. 
Image Source: Pinterest

Has Tattoos

Luyben has got some tattoos on her body which makes her more elegant. She has got Chinese dragon ink on her back and three more prints on her hand, arms, and umbilical. 

Chinese Dragon Tattoo on her back.
Image Source: Instagram

Luxurious House

Being a millionaire, Kate along with her husband has bought a lavish mansion in Los Angles, California. The house is 5100sq feet and made in 10 acres of land which cost is $3.15 million. 

Branded Clothes and Products

Without any doubt, we can say that Luyben has been living an expensive lifestyle. She spends on many beauty products which make her more gorgeous. She used Shiseido beauty products for her skin, buy perfumes from Paris, and her shoes come from Australia.

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