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Facts About Kassidy Slaughter That You Need to Know

Published Tue Jul 07 2020 By pratikshya
Facts About Kassidy Slaughter That You Need to Know

An American actress and model Kassidy Nicole Slaughter famously known as 'Kassidy Slaughter'. The emerging talented actress is set to accomplish a successful long term career in the film industry. 

The mesmerizing actress is also an author she has written a famous book "I am the night". For her, it is all about creatively expressing herself in all legible ways. 

Let's find some exciting facts of actress, Slaughter:

Net Worth - $150,000

Kassidy Slaughter has an approximate net worth of  $150,000 from a successful acting career. She is the author of eighteen novels that she has sold more than 35 million copies from it also she has added a huge amount on her worth.

Life Before Fame

The beautiful actress was born on September 4, 2002, in the United States of America. She began her love for performing at her very young. A multi-talented actress since her childhood was dancing, acting, and performing little plays in front of her family. She has a heart for entertainment. Her interest in watching movie makes her more passionate about acting.

Acting Career 

At a young age, Kassidy has a broad mindset about her goals and aspirations far beyond her years. Her career began to shift uphill, her soul ignited even further with a passion she carries for this craft within her. 

Whether it's acting, writing, or modeling, she finds great joy with being in front, or even behind, the camera.

Slaughter is known for her acting roles in TV shows such as 'I AM the Night' alongside actors Chris Pine, Dylan Scott Smith, See/ Saw and movie, Extraordinary. Moreover, she is also a voice artist who has given her voice in the movie called Kindness Kampaign.

Kassidy Slaughter in 'I Am the Night'.
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YouTube Channel 

Besides acting, writing, Slaughter increases her wealth from her YouTube Channels. She has her own YouTube channel named "Kassidy Slaughter" where she uploads DIY, make tutorials, short films, and many more. 

Favorite Movies of Hers

She is an avid movie lover. Her favorite Disney animated movie is 'Enchanted'. She watches movies and TV series like Jurassic Park franchise, Percy Jackson, Sand Andrea's, and Hunger Games.

Body Measurement 

Gorgeous writer /actress Slaughter's is 5 feet 5 inches (165cm) and weighs 50 kg (110lbs). Her charming smile is like icing on the cake. She has brown hair and big blue eyes make her so perfect. 

Active on Social Media 

She is active on social media like Instagram and Twitter. She has Instagram account  17.8k Follower with username @kassidyslaughter and Twitter with 821 followers with username @KassSlaughter. 

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