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About Karli Harvey - Details of Her Life That You Might not Know With Pictures

Published Sat Sep 05 2020 By Aashika
About Karli Harvey - Details of Her Life That You Might not Know With Pictures

Karli Harvey is known for being the daughter of Steve Harvey, a famous comedian and talk show host in America. She is a hairstylist and entrepreneur. 

She was born on August 20, 1982, in the United States. She is the daughter of a famous personality Steve Harvey and his former wife, Marcia Harvey. She has a twin sister and a brother.

Here are some facts about Steve's daughter Karli. 

How Much Is Her Net Worth?

Harvey's net worth is estimated to be around $10 million. She earns a good amount of money from her career as a hairstylist and entrepreneur. 

While her father Steve Harvey has a massive worth of $160 million which he accumulated through his career in the industry as a comedian and talk show host. He makes $45 million from his endorsement with various big brands. 

The Mission of Empowering Women

Karli is on a mission of empowering women with her twin sister, Brandi. For a decade, they have been working with Disney Dreamers Academy to motivate teen girls for their best possible versions.

Karli Harvey and Brandi Harvey who are doing a mission of Empowering Women.
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Additionally, she also involves in an expo which deals with women's fitness through the program, Young. Fit & Fly. The program is for those women seeking fitness and mental clarity. 

Motivational Speaker

She is a public speaker. She does mentor through the Harvey and Majorie Foundation, talks wedding and business at the Coterie Retreat. 

Living a Happy Married Life 

The elder daughter of Steve Harvey has become a fiery personality in the media. Hence, many have been curious about her personal life. 

She is a married woman. She is the wife of Benjamin Raymond, is a chairman and the CEO of Raymond Enterprises, and a former athlete. Harvey and Raymond got married in September 2015 after dating for a long time. They have one son with who they are enjoying their family life. 

A wedding picture of Karli Harvey and Benjamin Raymond was featured in Muna Luchi magazines. 
Image Source: Talking With Tami.

Son: Benjamin Troy Raymond II

A hairstylist is also the mother of a cute baby boy who was born in 2016. She and her husband kept the name of the son after the name of his father i.e Benjamin Troy Raymond II. Karli's son has already appeared on the television by his grandfather talk show, 'Steve Harvey'.

A family picture where Karli is with her husband and son. 
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Blessed with Two Siblings and Four Half-Siblings

Karli Harvey has two siblings; Brandi Harvey and Broderick Harvey Jr. She has her twin sister Brandi with whom she shares her date of birth. She and her sister are running a mission of empowering women. 

Similarly, Broderick is 10 years younger than her. He is the owner of a clothing site called Need Money Not Friends where he sells clothes and accessories that he created. 

She is the eldest sister of her four siblings; Morgan Harvey, Wynton Harvey, Jason Harvey, and Lori Harvey, who are from her father's side. They are close to each other. They all appeared in their father's show and gave honored to him for what he has done for them. 

Karli Harvey with her siblings, father, and stepmother. 
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Has Good Term with Step Mother 

All we know, Harvey's father has married thrice in his life. Whereas Karli has a beautiful bond with the third wife of her father, Marjorie Elaine Harvey. She and her stepmother spotted together at the events along with brothers and sisters. In the show of Steve, they have appeared an looks like a happy family. 

Social Media Presence

Karli Harvey seems to be really attached to social media. Her frequent posts on her social platform show that she is active in the social media platform most of her time. She has got over 191.6k followers on Instagram, and more than 6.5k followers on Twitter.

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