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Get to Know Karl Wellner - Photos and Details About Deborah Norville's Husband

Published Tue Feb 09 2021 By Aashika
Get to Know Karl Wellner - Photos and Details About Deborah Norville's Husband

Karl Wellner got immense fame after being the life partner of television personality, Deborah Norville. He is a multi-millionaire Swedish businessman. 

The couple has been in more than three decades of married life. They are parents of three young children who are studying. Wellner has done his graduation from the Stockholm School of Economics.  

Look at the below passage to know more about him. 

Impressive Amount of Net Worth

Karl Wellner has a whopping net worth that is $40 million. He is a well-established Swedish businessman through which he earns a huge amount.

Since 2003, Wellner is the President and CEO of 'Papamarkou Wellner Asset Management'. Also, the entrepreneur is the founder as well as a partner at 'Kawe Kapital'. 

Lavishing Lifestyle 

The millionaire businessman has a $4.5 million apartment where he and his family is living for 17 years. 

The residence occupies 3,000 square feet. It has four bedrooms and four bathrooms along with other facilities.  For the apartment, he spent $7,632 per month on maintenance. 

An interior design of Karl Wellner and Deborah Norville's house. 
Image Source: Pinterest

First Introduction and Engagement 

Wellner and Norville met for the first time at a blind date in 1985 in New York. They knew about each other through their relatives and they fixed their date. 

Karl proposed Deborah twice, once in a sandwich shop, later on, a mountaintop in Brazil. Finally, after three months of meeting, the couple got engaged in front of close ones. 

33 Years of Married Life

The lovely couple exchanged their vows on 27th December 1987 after having a romantic engagement. Their wedding ceremony took place in Swedish and English at St. James Episcopal Church, New York City. They went for three weeks honeymoon trip. 

Since then, they have been living married life which is now 33 years. The two never miss the chance to show love for each other that we can see on the events. 

A wedding picture of Karl Wellner and Deborah Norville. 
Image Source: Pinterest

Father of Three Children 

He is the father of three children, two sons, and a daughter. In 1991, Wellner's first son, Nick was born and in 1995, his second child, Kyle came into this world. 

Then, in 1998, his daughter Mikaela landed in this world. Three children are studying and focusing on their education. 

At the event with three children Nick, Kyle, and Mikaela Wellner. 
Image Source: Getty Image 

Wife’s Health Issue

'Inside Edition' anchor was diagnosed with thyroid cancer which got spread when her audiences noticed a lump on her neck. On 1st April 2019, she underwent surgery to remove a thyroid nodule. With all prayers and love, Norville recovered and is now living a healthy and happy life. 

Deborah Norville at the hospital when she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer.
Image Source: Instagram 


As being a businessman, Wellner has learned different languages of countries. He knows seven languages English, Swedish, German, French, Estonia, Russian and Italian. He has to deal with international clients and travels countries for deals which make his speak fluent. 

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