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Do You Know Mick Jagger’s Daughter Karis Jagger With Marsha Hunt?

Published Mon Dec 23 2019 By Samana
Do You Know Mick Jagger’s Daughter Karis Jagger With Marsha Hunt?

Karis Jagger is a successful actress who is also the celebrity baby of the legendary singer Mick Jagger and the successful actress and a model Marsha Hunt.

Karis was born on 4th September 1970 with her father not being in her life even though he did afterwards. Here are some facts on the famous actress and the celebrity baby, Karis.

What's her Net Worth?

Karis Jagger has the massive net worth of $12 million. She accumulated her riches through her career as an actress. She is also married to her longterm husband Jonathan who has the net worth of $1 million. 


Karis' father, Mick Jagger is a successful singer who is also very popular. He married her mother, Martha Hunt but ended up divorcing her soon. Karis' mother, Martha hunt is an actress and an ex model. She is a gorgeous woman who fell in love with Mick. It is very sad that the two could not work out their relationship.

A picture of Karis Jagger's parents; Mick Jagger (letf) and Marsha Hunt (right) when they were young.
Karis Jagger's parents; Mick Jagger (letf) and Marsha Hunt (right) when they were young.
Image Source: Ultimate Classic Rock

Papa Jagger is also very popular with woman and has babies with two other woman. Despite her parents failed marriage, Karis is super close with her dad and her mother as well.


Karis Jagger is the eldest born daughter of Mick Jagger. She has seven other half siblings with whom she is really close despite being born from different mothers. 

Karis' siblings are: Jade Sheena Jezebel Jagger, Elizabeth Scarlett Jagger, James Leroy Augustin Jagger, Georgia May Ayeesha Jagger, Gabriel Luke Beauregard Jagger, Lucas Maurice Morad Jagger and Deveraux Octavian Basil Jagger. 

Married to Jonathan Watson

Karis is a married woman whose husband is the popular actor Jonathan Watson. The two fell in love way long beofre getting in a marital relationship. She was given away to her beloved Jonathan by her father and mother on the year 2000. Karis is happily married to her husband and they have had no major conflict which have lead to the sad news of divroce.

A picture of Karis Jagger's husband, actor Jonathan Watson.
Karis Jagger's husband, actor Jonathan Watson.
Image Source: Jonathan Watson's Twitter account

Two Children - A Son & A Daughter

Karis Jagger and Jonathan Watson are the parents to two beautiful babies. Karis and Jon's have a baby girl named Mazie and a baby boy named Zack. Karis are raising her kids in private away from all the media and the limelight. 

Alma Mater- Education

Karis is a proud Yale graduate who succeded in getting a degree in Modern History and Acting and Film Producer. She has excelled a lot throughout her college years and has made her parents super proud of her. With her degree, she has also previously worked as a volunteer teacher and a philanthropist before taking a leap of faith and following her mommy's footstep and going into the acting field.

Father Refused Her Being His Daughter

Karis' father, Mick had once claimed that Karis was not his daughter. He said it even though he was sure that she was his child to avoid having to pay child support. There were long court battles and Mick not playing a role of a father in Karis' life. It took almost a decade for Mick to acknowledge Karis and act like a father to her.

A picture of Karis Jagger with her father, Mick Jagger.
Karis Jagger with her father, Mick Jagger.
Image Source: Rocklopedia!

After everything, Karis is now super close with Mick and they have a wonderful father daughter relationship. 

Helped Father Cope His Partner's Suicide

Mick Jagger was very much affected by his partner, L’Wren Scott's suicide back in 2014. According to him, Karis helped him cope with the loss of his once beloved. She spent time with him and helped him heal the wound in his heart. 

Mother Sold Love Letters Written to her By Her Father in Auction

As much as Karis Jagger would want a good relationship between her biological mother and father, it has been very hard. Karis' mother, Marsha had once auctioned her love letters written by Mick Jagger himself and got herself a lot of money. Mick was obviously pissed at this and when she was confronted about this, she just shrugged and normally spoke about her being very broke. 

The highest bidding for those letter went up to £190,000.

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