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Kari Byron’s Breast Implant and Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

Published Tue Aug 06 2019 By DGM
Kari Byron’s Breast Implant and Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

The American television host and artist Kari Elizabeth Byron Urich aka Kari Byron is rumored to have done a breast enhancement on her body. 

Stella Ruby's mother hasn't accepted rumors of undergoing any surgical enhancements. Here is a brief description of the possible plastic surgeries that she may have gone through:

Kari Byron Before & After Surgery Rumors

The 'White Rabbit Project' star's breast size has changed a lot throughout these years which is noticeable from her pictures. Here is a picture that reflects changes in her physical appearance which points out that she might have had surgical help to acquire her current looks.

Kari Byron before (left) and after (right) picture of Kari Byron's alleged breast job.
Kari Byron's breast size has changed a lot.

As you can see in the picture, there is a huge difference in Kari's breasts. They used to be comparatively smaller before but they appear bigger these days.

As her breasts are now bigger and raised, people speculated that she underwent a breast augmentation procedure.

Breast Implants Rumor

The California-born TV host is linked with different rumors of having implants on her breasts. The reason behind them is her breasts are much raised and larger than they were before. 

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You can easily see in the above-given picture that her breasts weren't as big as they are now. She had average-sized breasts previously, but they have become humongous now. This strongly hints towards Kari's breasts implanted.

Botox Injections

The 'Mythbusters' star has allegedly gone under the knife and used Botox Injections to regain a youthful face. She doesn't have many wrinkles or creases on her face despite being in her mid-40s. Also, she doesn't have any fine lines on her face which makes us think how is she stopping her age to get on her face?

Kari Byron's face looks different.
PC: Bad Plastic Surgery

People speculate that Paul Urich's wife opted for Botox treatment as she has to keep appearing in the media and has to make sure that she looks flawless and beautiful. 

Hence, the fact that her face is too young for her age makes us doubt her for using cosmetic injections.

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