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Kane's Queen: Getting to Know Crystal Maurisa Goins, His Lovely Wife

Published Wed Dec 27 2023 By Shraddha
Kane's Queen: Getting to Know Crystal Maurisa Goins, His Lovely Wife

Crystal Maurisa Goins is a well-known celebrity who rose to fame in the entertainment industry through her relationship with her husband, Glenn Thomas Jacobs aka Kane. Kane is a famous American wrestler, he is also a businessman, actor, and politician. 

Crystal Maurisa Goins Wiki/Bio 

Crystal was born in 1960. She is originally from Knoxville, Tennessee, USA. She has maintained her life very private so there isn’t any information regarding her parents and siblings. She was raised in Tennessee.


She studied at ‘Elizabeth High School’ form where she graduated high school. After completing high school, she studied at ‘East Tennessee State University’ and majored in Psychology. She is 62 years old now. 

Crystal Maurisa Goins’s Career

Crystal Maurisa Goins established herself as a prominent figure in her own right. She is a skilled and independent woman, although her achievements often get overshadowed by her spouse.

After graduating from East Tennessee State University, Crystal embarked on her career as a counselor. Meanwhile, Maurisa worked as a university counselor until 2013. Crystal, alongside her husband, co-founded 'The Jacobs Agency Allstate Insurance,' an insurance company.

Their business specializes in various insurance types, including auto, home, life, and commercial risks, offering comprehensive coverage. Additionally, they provide exceptional retirement programs for their clients, considered among the top in the industry.

In addition to running an insurance company, Goins has collaborated with non-governmental organizations. As part of her endeavors, she has actively rescued numerous animals in her neighborhood, demonstrating her commitment to animal welfare alongside her professional responsibilities.

How Rich is Crystal Maurisa Goins?

Crystal Maurisa Goins has an estimated net worth of $9 million, accumulated through her thriving career as a celebrity personality. This substantial wealth is noteworthy, particularly considering her age.

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Crystal Maurisa Goins’s Husband, Glenn Thomas 

Glenn Thomas Jacobs was born in Torrejón de Ardoz, Spain, to a United States Air Force family stationed there. Raised near St. Louis, Missouri, he attended high school in Bowling Green, Missouri, showcasing his talents in football and basketball. 

He later pursued a degree in English literature at Northeast Missouri State University, where he excelled in basketball and football.

Glenn Thomas’s Career

Kane, a towering figure in professional wrestling, is known for his intimidating presence and a complex storyline characterized by themes of fire, disfigurement, death, and destruction. 

Portrayed as the disturbed half-brother of The Undertaker, Kane's appearance has notably included wearing a mask, though there have been instances of him alternating between wearing and not wearing it throughout his storyline.

Kane at Raw in August 2012.
Source: Pinterest 

In 2017, he campaigned for the position of Mayor in Knox County, securing victory in the general election held in 2018. This 55-year-old individual was subsequently re-elected to the same office in 2022.

Crystal and her husband, Glenn, possessed a combined net worth of $9 million. Glenn attained significant fame and wealth, being recognized as one of the most prominent personalities in their sphere.

Crystal and Glenn’s Relationship 

As previously mentioned, Crystal is a widely recognized celebrity whose fame further escalated upon her relationship or marriage to Kane. Before this, she garnered admiration for her exceptional sense of style, capturing the hearts of her admirers. Her official account features numerous video recordings and photographs where she appears stunning and garners significant attention.

Crystal Maurisa Goins with Her Husband Glenn Thomas Jacobs.
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Kane gained fame during his wrestling career. However, in 1995, he and Crystal exchanged vows in a private ceremony surrounded by family and friends. Their initial meeting details remain undisclosed and require further investigation. 

Before her relationship with Glenn, she was previously married and had two daughters from a prior union. Kane consistently supported her throughout her career, and the two are currently enjoying a contented and harmonious marital life.

Crystal Maurisa Goins’s Children 

Crystal and Glenn don’t have any biological kids together. Crystal was a mother to two children, Arista Parker Metcalf and Devan Parker Fox, from her previous relationship. Both Arista and Devan were raised in Glenn's household. However, limited information is accessible online regarding Arista and Devan.

Crystal Maurisa with Her Husband, Daughters, Son-In-Law, and Grandchildren
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Crystal’s kids are both married women. Arista is married to Corey Metcalf, and Devan is married to Clint Fox. Crystal has 2 grandsons from Arista, one grandson, and one granddaughter. 

Even though Kane has a busy schedule as the mayor of Knox County, he manages to spend time with his family. His children, in-laws, and grandchildren are often seen on Kane’s social media pages.   

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