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Get to Know Kameron Carter Lil Wayne's Son With Lauren London

Published Mon Feb 03 2020 By Samana
Get to Know Kameron Carter Lil Wayne's Son With Lauren London

Kameron Carter is a celebrity baby born to rapper Lil Wayne and model-actress Lauren London. 

Carter was born on September 9, 2009 and his name "Kameron" means "Modern female" in English and it means "Crooked or Bent Nose" in Scottish.

Parents Net Worth

Kameron's mother, Lauren London is worth $6 million which she accumulates from her career as an actress, model and a television personality and Kameron's father, Lil Wyane has the net worth of $120 million earned from his successful musical career.

Parents Relationship

Sadly enough, Kameron Carter's parents aren't together anymore. They started dating back in 2009 and in between the short fling, Lauren got pregnant with Kameron. 

People speculate Kameron was the result of Wayne's a one night stand but her mother Lauren has so far, defended Kameron's birth (this statement).

They knew each other since they were 15 and they tried to work their relationship out for the sake of their son but it manifested otherwise, and the pair parted ways. 

Currently, his father Lil Wayne is dating Dhea Sodano and Kameron's mother Lauren, who has his custody was dating Rapper Nipsey Hussle before he was tragically shot and killed in an incident.


Kameron has four half siblings- three from his father's affair with different women and one from his mother's relationship with the famous rapper, Nipsey Hussle. 

Reginae Carter is Kameron's eldest sibling born to his father and his first girlfriend, Toya Johnson. His second eldest half-sibling is Dwayne Carter III born to his father and Sarah Vivan. Finally, Kameron has another half-brother born to his father Wayne and Neal Carter. 

Kameron with his father and three half siblings.
Kameron with his father and three half siblings.
Image Source: Lil Wayne HQ

Kameron is the first born son of Nivea with rapper Lil Wyane but after the pair separated, his mother started dating rapper Nipsey Hussle. Hence, Kameron has an adorable 3 years old half brother Kross Asghedom born to his mother and late rapper Nipsey Hussel.

Spoke at Nipsey Hussle's Memorial

In the grand funeral celebrating Nipsey Hussle's life, several celebrities showed up to be a part of it. (cause effect) 

The funeral eulogy sure had some big rappers, singers and was even followed by Obama's letter but one heart touching eulogy was made by Hustle's step son, little Kameron Carter.

Carter joined Hussle's kids, Korss and Emani and told the whole Staples Center about his dream. A dream where Nipsey Hussle came to him and told him how heaven was. 

He went on to explain that Hussle told him that it was paradise. He also made his audience say "Respect" which he explained that Nipsey would see him through the windows and say that word. 

This whole soul shattering eulogy from Carter shows though Hussle was not his biological father but the father-step-son duo shared a very strong bond. 

Fun Birthday Celebrations

It is not usual that Kameron's parents are seen together as they have had their fair share of highs and lows but the pair make an exception on their son's birthday.

Likewise, Lil Wyane has frequently said that his father wasn't around to see the Lil Wyane grow, so he wants to make an statement to the whole African-American community by taking care of your kids and handling his responsibilities.

Kameron's is an example of a good parenting, Lil Wayne and Lauren London always finds time and mutual for their precious baby boy. 

The trio (three) have been spotted going out to eat or just chilling thankfully for Kameron's birthday, and it's more of a tradition for both Lil Wyane and his son Kameron. 

Kameron and his father together for one of his birthday celebration.
Kameron and his father together for one of his birthday celebration. 
Image Source: Bck Online

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