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NBA Star Kawhi Leonard's Daughter Kaliyah Leonard

Published Sun Mar 13 2022 By sijal
NBA Star Kawhi Leonard's Daughter Kaliyah Leonard

Kaliyah Leonard is the daughter of famed media personality Kawhi Leonard known as a professional NBA basketball player. Similarly, her mother Kishele Shipley is a charitable woman working in different NGOs in California. 

Kaliyah has a nationality of African-American as her parents are from different nationalities.

Leonard was born in July 2016 in Los Angeles, California, United States. She is a very pretty child who got had got the based attention in media as a child celebrity.

What and where is Kaliyah doing now?

The daughter of the Defensive Player of the Year award receiver is in her early life and enjoying her childhood world. She is currently living in a mansion located in Pacific Palisades with her parents which cost almost $200 million dollars.

 As a celebrity child and in reference to her privacy Kaliyah is been homeschooled. By the year Kawhi will arrange an expensive and privatize type of school for her lovely daughter.

How does Kaliyah get the attention of the media?

Kaliyah Leonard was already in the eye of the media for being a celebrity baby. But she get her own tag after being captured sleeping in a Toronto Raptors championship parade. The Leonardo family appeared in the parade which was crowded with thousands of people.

 After winning each cup Kawhi went to his wife and children and the moment was captured in which little Kaliyah deeply fell asleep. She was tagged as a sleepy baby and got a lot of attention from the sources. 

Kaliyah Leonard  wearing a purple skirt sleeping in the backside while her parents are celebrating their winning in Toronto Raptors
Kaliyah Leonard sleeping in the back while her parents are celebrating the Toronto Raptors winning. source: @DailyHawker 

The relationship status of Kawhi and Kishele

The second NBA Finals MVP winner has been met his long-term girlfriend Kishele Shipley a social worker back in 2011. They were known to each other from their high school days. 

Although they are parents now, they still hadn't tied their knot as an official husband and wife. However, they are in a live-in relationship and had an expensive and comfy life away from the rumors and scandals. 

What's the Net worth of Kaliyah?

As previously said, Kaliyah is just a 6 years old girl known as the daughter of popular NBA player Kawhi she even hasn't started her career yet. She is still too young and the government didn't approve her for having income at this early age.

However, if we talk about her parent's net worth it could be some discussion topic. The professional NBA player had a net worth of more than $80 million dollars and similarly Kishele Shipley as a social worker had an earning of $20 million dollars as of 2022.


Kaliyah Leonard's father Kawhi Leonard celebrating his win with his mother
Kaliyah Leonard's father Kawhi Leonard with his mother. source: @Players Bio

Did Kaliyah have any siblings?

After being blessed with the eldest daughter Kaliyah, Mr. and Mrs.Leonard have their second child son in March 2019. But his name has not been revealed yet as the couple seems busy nowadays and may have thought of a good name for their son. 

However, the Leonard family had been seen together in different award functions and programs. The bonding between Kaliyah and her younger brother is quite secure.


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