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Beautiful Kai Knapp – Alexis Knapp’s Daughter With Ex-Boyfriend Ryan Phillippe’s

Published Tue Sep 03 2019 By DGM
Beautiful Kai Knapp – Alexis Knapp’s Daughter With Ex-Boyfriend Ryan Phillippe’s

Kai Knapp is the daughter of the famous American actress Alexis Knapp with her ex-boyfriend the 'Cruel Intentions' star Ryan Phillippe

Kai was born on the 1st of July, 2011 as Kailani Merizalde Knapp.

The name Kai is a baby name for girls which means 'lovable' according to the Swahili origin. Here are some facts about her:

How Much Are Her Parents' Worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Kai Knapp's father Ryan holds an amazing net worth of $30 million from his fruitful career as an actor, businessman, and film producer. 

Talking about Kai's mother Alexis Knapp, she is also a very wealthy celebrity having an estimated fortune of $5 million. Both of her parents are incredibly successful in their filming career which assures that the numbers are going to rise even high in the near future.

A picture of Ryan Phillippe and Alexis Knapp.
Ryan Phillippe and Alexis Knapp.
Image Source: People

Parents' Relationship

The 8 years old Kai's parents are not together as they separated a long time ago. Alexis and Ryan dated each other back in the summer of 2010 and broke up after not even a half year. 

When they broke up in September but didn't have the clue that Alexis became pregnant with daughter Kai before their split. 

After the couple split, Ryan dated law student Paulina Slagter in 2014 but this relationship also couldn't last long and they ended it in 2016. 

And as far as Alexis' relationship goes, she was once rumored to be dating fellow actor Seth MacFarlane which was not confirmed by the actress herself.

Two Half-Siblings

Kai Knapp has two half-siblings from his father and his ex-wife Reese Witherspoon. Her siblings include an elder sister Ava Elizabeth Phillippe and elder brother Deacon Reese Phillippe.

Ava was born on September 9, 199 and Deacon was born on the 3rd of October, 2003. Following the divorce of Ryan and Reese, the children's custody were won by their mother and they lived with her.

A picture of Kai's dad and half-siblings.
Kai's dad and half-siblings.
Image Source:

Independent Mother / No Child Support

You would be shocked to know that the 'Project X' star didn't ask her ex-boyfriend and the father of her child for any sort of child support

Neither did Alexis approach Ryan for the money nor she expected any help from him. She was an independent brave mamma who took care of all the expenses and care of her daughter by herself. Though Phillippe was present at the birth of Kai, he didn't opt to help her former girlfriend and baby mamma. 

Mamma Alexis Posted a Nostalgic Pregnancy Picture

It was back in July when Kai's gorgeous mamma posted a picture on her Instagram when recalled her nostalgia of her pregnancy. In the picture, she is showing her baby bump wearing a swimsuit.

Mother Knapp captioned the picture very adorably and said that the photo from 8 years back gives her a lot of memories and how time flies so fast.

Mamma's Princess

Kai is her mamma's cute little princess as she features on her mamma's social media sharing lovely moments together. She is either seen having fun with her eminent mother or having some mother-daughter moments. 

Kai is really blessed to have Alexis as her mother because she has been through a lot of things in rearing her and loves her very much. Take a look at the duo in cute video below:

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