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All Facts About Justin Assanti

Published Sun Mar 27 2022 By ervin
All Facts About Justin Assanti

Justin Assanti is a well-known former American reality star who rose to prominence after appearing on "The Dr. Phil House: House of Hatred", My 600-Lb Life, and is well-known for losing his entire weight from fat to fit.

He was born in Rhode Island, United States of America, on December 2, 1981. In terms of Zodiac Sign, he is a Sagittarius.


Justin Assanti dated Stephanie Sanger who is very much older than him, has a child, and is a professional massage therapist. The couple met each other online and started dating after a few months.

Later in 2018, he was married to her and seemed like they loved each other deeply. They have shared two wedding pictures on social media and kept their relationship away from social media life.

Journey of his weight loss

While Assanti was featuring in My 600-Lb Life his weight was around 800 pounds. Assantia and his brother Steven decided to lose a massive amount of their weight. 

They showed up everything in 600-Lb Life how hard and decided they were into for their life change and weight change. He is currently healthy and fit. His current weight is 450 pounds. 


There were numerous rumors that he was no longer alive, but this was later proven to be false. He has appeared in numerous public places and is currently healthy and happy.


Justin Assanti and Stephanie Sanger have got a matching tattoo, his wife has got "he sees all my light tattoo" and "he has got she loves all my dark".

Early Life

Justin was raised in Rhode Island. From an early age, he wasn't happy with his overweight. He has suffered from depression from his weight. Later he moved to Texas. 

He hasn't revealed every information about his early life, seems like he likes to keep his life lowkey.

Justin is wearing black cap and maroon tshirt.
Justin Assantia photo after his weight loss. Photo Source: Google @Soapdirt.


The American star was raised by his mother. While Justin was born his mother and father John got divorced. His mother didn't let his father John to met his sons. His mother was an alcoholic.

He has a brother Steven Assantia who always motivated him in his life and supported him. They share a special bond.


The "My 600-Lb Life" actor enrolled in a local high school in Texas and later transferred to the same school. 

He has a master's degree and is a graduate. He hasn't resolved all of his educational issues. 


Justin Assanti is a Reality Star who has played a few amounts of reality shows. His top famous shows are "The Dr. Phil House: House of Hatred", and "My 600-Lb Life." He is a very hardworking person but due to his health condition, he has never taken his career seriously.  

Net Worth

The Reality star Stephanie Sanger has a Net Worth of $1 million and has earned every sum of money from his career as a Reality star. 

He has a mansion and cars but hasn't revealed it publicly. 

Personal Life

From his childhood, he had a dream of being an actor. His favorite food is burgers. He loves sleeping and staying in his bed.

 He watches movies a lot. He spends most of his time with his family. 

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