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Facts About Julien Solomita – Vlogger and Jenna Marbles’ Partner Since 2013

Published Sun Apr 19 2020 By Aashika
Facts About Julien Solomita – Vlogger and Jenna Marbles’ Partner Since 2013

Julien Solomita is known as a vlogger and a web-content creator. He has a YouTube channel named in his own name "Julien Solomita" where he has 2.29 million subscribers.

Take look at some interesting facts about Solomita:  

Net worth More Than Million

As of 2020, Julien Solomita has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million dollars. He earned his net worth through his podcasts and vlogs on Youtube channel. His channel gets an average of 300k views per day which generates revenue of around $540 per day. He has created his own line of merchandise. This Youtuber is also known as a fast-raising internet personality. 

Relationship with Youtuber Jenna Marbles

Talking about their relationship, Julien Solomita and Jenna Marbles started their relationship since 2013. This duo knew each other from a long time which makes their relationship easier to understand. On Youtube , Jenna has revealed about their dating in Q&A. They have a gaming channel where they uploaded all their gaming videos.

Julien Solomita with his beautiful girlfriend Jenna Marbles.

Multiple Tattoos

Julien has got numerous ink on his body. He has got a skeleton tattoo, pine tree tattoo, and Slurpee cup on his arms and other more. Behind those tattoos, he has a story that was experienced in his life.  

His favorite tattoo is a Slurpee cup on his arm which is the remainder of his happy time with his friend, Brandon who has already past away.

A favorite tattoo Slurpee cup on his arms which he is emotionally connected.
Image Source: Pinterest.

Family and Alma Maters

He was born on April 17, 1992, in North California. He grew up along with his sister Roxanne and brother Marlon. He has not introduced his parents but his parents had divorced when he was in first grade in elementary school. 

His high education completed from his birthplace Stanford. After that, he went to Chapman University. 

Health Issues

While he was in high-level school, he was diagnosed by Celiac disease (a genetic and chronic disorder of the small intestines). In this disorder, he felt difficulty in his food digest. Due to it, he sacrifices his ambition of being a baseball player.

Awards and Achievement

This talented creator received a nomination for Short Award for the best Vlogger.  From his numerous videos, his most popular videos are Our dog after Dentist and Massive Blue UFO Over Los Angeles.    

Dog Lover

He has a soft corner for animals, especially for dogs. He has four dogs namely Marbles, Kermit, Peach, and Benny.  These dogs also appear in his videos. He spent most of his time with his dogs. 

A picture of Julien with his girlfriend and dogs.
Image Source Pinterest.

Body Traits

Julien YouTuber stands at height 5 feet 9 inches tall and weighs is 75 kg. He is blessed with a charming decent look. He has a blue eye and brown hair. 

Social Media Presence

Being an internet sensational personality, he is active on social media platforms. He has an account on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Youtube. He gains followers more than 717.1K on Twitter,  1.1m followers on Instagram where he posted 937 posts.

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