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Julian Henry De Niro - Facts and Photos of Robert De Niro's Son Born Through IVF

Published Sun Feb 14 2021 By Aashika
Julian Henry De Niro - Facts and Photos of Robert De Niro's Son Born Through IVF

Julian Henry De Niro became the camera sensation as the celebrity baby. 

He is the son of Robert De Niro and Toukie Smith who was born on 20th October 1995. Julian has one brother and four half-siblings with whom he shares his childhood. 

Let's look below to know more about Julian. 

An Identical Twin 

Julian Henry De Niro came into this world with his identical twin. His brother, Aaron Kendrick De Niro. They were conceived through In Vitro Fertilization and delivered with the help of surrogate women whose identity is known. 

Julian Henry De Niro with his brother Aaron Kendrick De Niro.
Image Source: Naibuzz

Parents Net Worth 

Niro has been living a luxurious lifestyle with his parents' wealth. His father is an actor whose net worth is $50 million. He also earns as a director and producer of numerous movies and series. 

On the other hand, his mother is the owner of $3 million which she accumulated from her acting and modeling career.  

Her outstanding acting can be seen in many series and movies. Moreover, she has become the model of international magazines like 'Redbook', 'Vogue', and so on. 

Has Four Half-Sibling

He has four half-siblings who are from his father's previous relationships. Julian has an eldest half-brother, Raphael Niro is a former actor and now a real estate agent. 

Other siblings are Drena De Niro, an actress, and filmmaker; similarly, Elliot De Niro and Helen Grace De Niro are the youngest children of Niro's family. 

Half-brother Raphael Niro with his father.
Image Source: Hollywood Reporter

Relationship of Julian's Parents

De Niro and Smith were in a relationship and dating since 1988. The two met for the first time in the mid-1980s. 

Both had eight years of love life and welcomed two children but they couldn't get married. Their romantic relationship began falling slowly which led to their separation in 1996. 

A photo of Julian Henry De Niro's parents Robert De Niro and Toukie Smith.
Image Source: Getty Image

Father's Multiple Wife

His father, Robert De Niro has married two times in his life. De Niro's first wife is Diahnne Abbott with whom he lived from 1976-1997. Abbott is a renowned actress, singer, model, and activist. 

Whereas, the actor was also the husband of 'The Paperboy' actress, Grace Hightower. The couple exchanged their vows in 1997, but their married life couldn't go so far and ended in 2018. The pair share two children whose custody is in joint. 

A picture of Robert De Niro and his second wife Grace Hightower.
Image Source: E! Online

Meaning of His Name

His first name "Julian" is of Latin origin, the meaning is "Youthful, Downy". Whereas the middle name "Henry" is of Germanic origin from the elements haim ("home") and ric ("power").  The last name "De Niro" is from his father's name. 

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