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Julia Hsu

Published Sun Jan 16 2022 By sijal
Julia Hsu

Julia Wan-Ping Hsu professionally known as Julia Hsu is a businesswoman and an actor. Julia is famous for being featured in the film Rush Hour(1998) as a fictional character Soo-Yung Han.

Hsu is a Human resource professor and works as a partner with different management companies.  She has been quite featured in some films and had lived a private life by now.

Short Biography

'Rush Hour' little girl was born on 1 April 1986 in Taiwan. She is currently living with her family in the USA, California.

 There is no accurate information of her family background but had one brother named, Randy Bart.


Julia Hsu went to the University of Southern California and then got her MBA degree there.


Talking about the career of this HR professor, she stepped into the film industry at age 11, with her debut role in the movie (Rush Hour) as a little girl named Soo-Yung Han, daughter of Consul Han who was kidnaped by criminals. 

Julia Hsu as a Soo-Yung Han of movie 'Rush Hour'
Julia Hsu in her fictional character Soo-Yung Han .source:@Pooh's adventures

Her screen representation and acting thrilled the fans and which made her an icon. In her acting career, she had just featured in only two movies (Rush Hour 1998, and Three Exits 2001).

Net Worth of Rush Hour's little girl

Julia Hsu's total Net Worth as of 2021 is estimated to be over $1.5 million dollars. She is earning well as a senior HR professor in her company. 

As an HR professor

It seems Julia had more interest as a businesswoman rather than an acting career. After graduating she went to pursue her aim as a  Human Resource Manager.


Julia Hsu in a night out with her friends in California
Julia Hsu the little girl from the movie 'Rush Hour' in a night out with her friends. source:@Myspace

'Three Exits' actress herself is now a Senior post HR businesswoman and had done partnerships with many companies.

Relationship Status 

Julia Hsu is single till now, there are no further rumors or information about her relationship status now.

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