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Late Rapper Juice WRLD Net Worth - How Much He Earned Before His Death?

Published Sun Feb 06 2022 By ervin
Late Rapper Juice WRLD Net Worth - How Much He Earned Before His Death?

Juice Wrld was a millionaire rapper, song producer with a net worth of $5 million at the time of his death in 2019. 

Juice has been nominated five times in grammy for his albums Goodbye & Good Riddance. Let's discover more about how Juice Wrld was able to account for such a huge amount.

Juice Wrld wearing black tee and black jogger and a red shoes.
Juice Wrld in his concert in Sweden. Source: Instagram @juicewrld999

Income From YouTube

Rapper Juice Wrld had more than 9 million subscribers on his official YouTube channel. He earned more than $53.9k per month from YouTube. His channel earns $1.21 per 1000 views in his videos from YouTube.

Primary Sources of Income 

Wrld's major source of income was music production since it was his professional career. He made news a few months before recording his debut album by signing to Interscope Records for a rumored $3 million when he was 19 years old.

The "All Girls Are The Same" singer rose to heights that none could have even predicted. He sold tens of thousands and now hundreds of thousands of records.

His second album "Death Race for Love" and his third album, "Legends Never Die" were published after he passed away. The album debuted at the top of the Billboard 200 chart. On this year's list of dead celebrities who have earned the most money, Juice falls on 7th position having earned $15 million. 

Juice Wrld in his concert for the DRFL tour. Source: Instagram @juicewrld999

Selling Merch 

The multi-millionaire artist has his own official merchandise line titled, 999 Club. It sells tee, hoodies, and many other accessories. He earns a handsome sum of money from his merchandise.

Jewelry and Accessories 

The Lucid Dreams singer not only had an interest in collecting vehicles but also was interested in collecting expensive pieces of jewelry like a winged skull ring worth around $80,000.

He had a closet full of designer clothes worth around $100,000. He Baguette diamond worth around $200,000 and a 999 skull chain worth around $100,000. 

 Juice Wrld was wearing designer clothes and jewelry. Source: Instagram @juicewrld999 

Luxurious life

Juice Wrld had revealed his mansion of $3.3 million in Los Angeles, California. He was keen on collecting not just luxurious four-wheelers but also had 10 dirt bikes and four ATVs.

He purchased a Rolls Royce model SUV worth around $325,000. The Rolls Royce SUV was completely customized as per his wishes.

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