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Joyce Bonelli - Former Kardashian-Jenner Associate Who Now Hate Each Other

Published Wed Jul 07 2021 By Aashika
Joyce Bonelli - Former Kardashian-Jenner Associate Who Now Hate Each Other

Joyce Bonelli is a makeup artist who got immense fame after working with the celebrity family of Kardashian and Jenner. She also becomes a social personality who is an Instagram star. 

On 7th July 1981, she came into this world in Los Angeles, United States. Bonelli is the daughter of a painter. She grew up with her younger brother who is an engineer. The artist studied special effects and animatronics at the "Make-up Designory School". 

Let's know more about her that many people want to know. 

How Much Does Bonelli Have Net Worth?

Joyce Bonelli has an estimated net worth of $1 million which she made from her career as a makeup artist. At age of 16, she got interested in the world of makeup. Her professional life began when she met Kim Kardashian at a photoshoot in 2005. 

After that, the artist worked for Pamela Anderson in the "Playboy" shoot. She has makeup for many celebrities like Holly Madison, Lindsay Lohan, Nicki Minaj, and Demi Lovato. Joyce is the inspiration behind Kim Kardashian's platinum blonde hair. Moreover, she also earns a considerable amount from social sites. 

Joyce Bonelli with Kim Kardashian, Kris Jenner, and Kylie Kardashian. 
Image Source: The Minor

Married Life 

Joyce Bonelli is married to Ben Taverniti, who is the founder of the luxury streetwear company, "Unreal". In 2014, the duo met at a wedding party of mutual friend. Then went on a date and were in a relationship for 4 years before marriage. On 26th August 2018, the couple exchanged vows. Their wedding took place in Malibu, California. They have been enjoying their married life which is now almost 3 years. 

Joyce Bonelli with her husband Ben Taverniti.
Image Source: Los Angeles Times 

Mama of Four Children

Bonelli is the mother of four children; three from her husband and one from her ex-boyfriend. Her first child is Zipline Black who is from a past affair. Later, gave birth to the twin babies, Kal-El Taverniti and Roz Taverniti. The youngest child is Ea Taverniti. The family of six is often seen spending time together and going out with the children.

Joyce Bonelli with her children  Zipline Black, Kal-El Taverniti, Roz Taverniti, and Ea Taverniti.
Image Source: Instagram 

Past Relationship 

Before having married life with Mr. Taverniti, she was in a relationship whose identity has kept hidden from the media. They also share a son whose custody is given to Joyce. The former pair is not in touch and are enjoying their life separately.


In October 2016, Joyce Bonelli came into controversy when Joyce was accused of harassing her fiance's former wife and body shaming his son. More than that when she stopped working for the Kardashian family many people were shocked. It took place after Bonelli tried to exclude the Kardashians from a money-making deal. 

Plastic Surgery 

As looking at the previous and today's pictures we get some differences in Bonelli's physical appearances. She has enhanced her lips and breast and also faces structure. We can say that she has done plastic surgery to look more beautiful and hot. 

Joyce Bonelli's lips and breast enhancement. 
Image Source: Instgaram (@joycebonelli)

Social Media Platforms

She is an active user of social networking sites. Bonelli has an Instagram account where there are more than 1.3 million. On Twitter, she has gained over 192.6k followers but has not removed all the tweets. In her post, she shares beauty tips, pictures with family, celebrities, and so on. 

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