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Get to Know Joshua Bee Alafia - Yaya DaCosta's Former Husband Who is a Director

Published Sun Apr 25 2021 By Aashika
Get to Know Joshua Bee Alafia - Yaya DaCosta's Former Husband Who is a Director

Joshua Bee Alafia is a well-known cinematographer and director, who has worked in numerous documentaries. He grabbed the attention of the public from his work in "Everyday art in Cuba". 

Furthermore, he is the founder and CEO of the art website Aside from it, he is the former husband of Camara DaCosta Johnson aka Yaya DaCosta. 

Let's have a look at some information to know more about.

How Much Is Net Worth and Income Source?

Joshua Bee Alafia has an estimated net worth of $1 million which he earned throughout his career as a cinematographer and producer. In 2001, he stepped into the entertainment industry. His first work in Hollywood was from the film "Cubaamor". 

 Then served in "The Cuban Hip-Hop All-Stars", "She's Got an Atomic Bomb", "The Seed", "One Night Stand", "Let's Stay Together", and so on. His work on documentaries is "Maybe Dreams Can Come True" and "Havana Habibi". 

Other Work

Apart from working as a director, he is also a practitioner, trainer of spirituality, and meditation. He has given classes of mindfulness meditation to thousands of youth throughout the world. 

Relationship with Yaya DaCosta 

Joshua Bee Alafia is currently living a single life. Before it, he was in love life with the actress, Yaya DaCosta. His ex-partner is a renowned actress who has appeared in numerous movies and series like "The Kids Are All Right". 

The pair started dating in 2012 whereas got married in the same year on 23rd June. They welcomed one son from their marriage. But in 2015, they filed for divorce which was approved in November, and parted ways.  

Joshua Bee Alafia with his former wife Yaya DaCosta.
Image Source: Getty Image 

Sexual Harassment Case

The reason behind the separation of Mr. Alafia and Mrs. DaCosta is valid. When they were together, Joshua sexually assaulted her which was accused by the actress after theirs divorce. 

Has One Child 

He is the proud father of his only son. In September, he became the father of the little boy, Sankara Alafia. His son is often seen on the social media pages of his parents. Sankara is currently living with his mother, spending his holidays with his daddy, and enjoying childhood. 

A cute picture of Joshua Bee Alafia with his son  Sankara Alafia.
Image Source: Daily Mail

Rumor about Marriage

There became a controversy that when Yaya DaCosta told in an interview with Madame Noire that they were only living together and welcomed a baby". She also planned to expose him as a boyfriend who got her pregnant, however, the media and audiences remember the ceremony of both of them.

Lives Low Profile

After the divorce from DaCosta, Alafia has been living a private life. He is working behind the camera and has managed his personal life to keep away from the limelight. In Today's internet world, he is quite active on Twitter where he has over 620 followers.  

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