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Josephine Wayne - John Wayne's Ex-Wife Who Died of Cancer

Published Wed Mar 23 2022 By sijal
Josephine Wayne - John Wayne's Ex-Wife Who Died of Cancer

Josephine Wayne was a celebrity wife and an ordinary hardworking woman of the '90s who got the spotlight after her marriage to veteran American actor Marion Robert Morrison AKA John Wayne.

Josephine was born on May 13, 1908, in Los Angeles California, the United States as the daughter of Alicia Acosta and José Saenz. She is a mother of altogether four children who are mostly great actors and directors of this era.

How did Josephine spend her childhood?

Josephine was a normal girl living with her wealthy family alongside her siblings(Violette Kunkler, Zoraida Josephina Dickinson, Joseph Francis Saenz, and Charles F. Saenz). Her father was a reputed businessman who was respected by all the local people of the town.  

 As that era was full of ancient cultures and rituals Josephine was not much allowed for outgoing but still she was a talented skillful woman. She completed her studies in a prestigious college in her hometown.

Did Josephine make any career?

Well, Wayne was more into making families rather than making her own professional career. Girls in that era have mainly a mindset in that way which eventually didn't motivate them to do make a particular career.

 However, Josephine was able to make a charm around the people whether through her parent's reputation, husbands, or children.

Josephine Wayne with her family sitting in the river side wearing shorts and t-shirt
Josephine Wayne with her ex-husband John Wayne and son. source: @FlowVella

When and to whom did Josephine got married to?

Josephine Wayne was previously married to the popular ex-chief of Bell Brand Foods Cyril Nigg but just after a few years, their marriage ended. 

John was struggling with his financial state but after working hard and getting promotions in movies finally they tie their knot as husband and wife in a Garden themed wedding on June 24, 1933.

Why did Josephine and John end their marriage?

After getting criticized by the film industry Jhon lose his career which eventually affected his family situation. Josephine's family was more concerned about their daughter's financial state and start to pressurize her to get separated from John.

 Their marriage started to fall apart with quarrels and misperceptions. Just after weeks they officially got divorced in 1945 and started to co-parents their children. 

How many children's Josephine have?

The mother of the Golden Globe Award for New Star winner didn't have any children for her first marriage but has got four children from her marriage with True Grit actors, are Patrick Wayne, Mary Antonia Wayne LaCava, Michael Wayne, and Melinda Wayne Munoz.

Josephine Wayne's daughter Mary Antonia Wayne doing her photoshoot looking dead gorgeous
Josephine Wayne's daughter Mary Antonia Wayne died of Lung cancer. source: @IMDb 

All of them were able to make their career and reputation in the Hollywood movie industry, Patrick Wayne and Mary Antonia Wayne LaCava as veteran actors and actresses and Michael Wayne as a well-known American director and producer. 

Josephine's two children Michael and Mary died in their early 50's. 

What was the net worth of Josephine?

Although former Mrs.Wayne never started her own career she still was able to live a luxurious lifestyle as she was pampered like a royal princess.

Overall, the total estimated net worth of Josephine Wayne was $900,000 USD dollars in the 90's era.

When and how did Josephine die?

Josephine Wayne was suffering from cancer for a long time. But after not getting cured enough she died at the age of 95 in the year 2003 in a hospital located in Los Angeles.

It was tough for her to live that long as her children died before her. She is always remembered as a famed celebrity wife.


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