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Jose Zuniga's Net Worth Kept Increasing Since 2016

Published Mon Nov 29 2021 By Kri
Jose Zuniga's Net Worth Kept Increasing Since 2016

Jose Zuniga is an American Youtuber, fashion guru, and media personality with a net worth of $8 million. He runs a Youtube channel named Teachingmensfashion. 

He gained immense popularity and huge wealth through his youtube channels and many other business-related activities. He is also an owner of the fastest-growing fashion brand. 

Jose Zuniga Net Worth Since 2016

YearNet Worth
2016$4 million
2017$4.5 million
2018$5 million
2019$6.2 million
2020$7 million
2021$8 million

Earnings From Youtube

Jose started his own Youtube channel in 2012, named Teachingmensfashion. The channel has more than 5 million subscribers. 

He teaches various fashion and hairstyles tips through his channel. this has earned him a chance to promote various brands and get sponsorships from many renowned brands. 

The fashion guru earns an estimated revenue of $3,200 per day which amounts to $1.1 million per year. The revenues are generated from the ads that run on his Youtube channel. 

Owner Of Multiple Companies

Jose Zuniga's ownership is not only limited to one company rather he owns and runs multiple companies. His companies include ESNTLS, Jade Black, He Grooming, Santa Lucia- a fragrance company. 


Through the popularity, Jose gained from Youtube various brands look after him to be the brand ambassador of their company. He has been successful in getting brand endorsements and paid promotions. 

Jose Zuniga for Gucci
Source: Instagram/@teachinmensfashion

He currently works with some renowned companies like Reebok, Old Spice, Amazon, Alfa Romeo, JCPenny, Express, Audible and many other brands. 


With all the earnings, it is of no surprise that Jose lives a very luxurious and lavish life in one of the expensive cities in America. In 2021 he moved to New York from Florida. In Florida, he used to live in an expensive place and in luxury.

The reason Jose Zuniga moved to New York was to grab more opportunities for his brands. His office alone has an area of 30,000 square feet which is in one of the most expensive places in New York City. 

Owned Multiple Cars

Jose loves to have a collection of cars. Previously he owned multiple expensive cars which were all part of his collection. 

He owned; Tesla X, Porche 911, Hennessy Edition Corvette, Lamborghini, Mercedes GTS, Bentley, Ford Raptor, Mclaren 570s.

Jose Zuniga with his car Mercedes-Benz AMZ G36
Source: Instagram/@teachingmensfashion

However, he sold all his car collections when he moved to New York and now owns just one monster car; Mercedes-Benz AMZ G36. The new car is valued at $160,000. 

Earnings From Social Media

The first starting of Zuniga's career was from Instagram. He first opened his Instagram account in 2012. He used to post photos and videos related to fashion on his Instagram account. 

Through that, he had a chance to be the brand ambassador of various companies and to promote them. 

Jose Zuniga modelling for the Bentley car
Source: Instagram/@teachingmensfashion

He also currently gets sponsorships and paid promotions. He has quite a large sum of money from his Instagram account. His journey on Instagram has successfully brought him huge wealth. 

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