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Jorge Garcia Weight Loss

Published Fri Jul 15 2022 By dishant
Jorge Garcia Weight Loss

Jorge Garcia is an American actor and he works in Cuban and Chilean slump as a standup comedian. In 2004, he got his career break after releasing of American television drama series named Lost. He acted as the name Hurley and it was the character that was suitable for him only. He also earned a Screen Actors Guild Award for his mind-blowing performance in the series Lost. 

Similarly, he was born on April 28, 1973, in Nebraska, United States. He grew up in San Juan Capistrano in Orange County, California. And he also completed his high school life at San Clemente High School. And for further study, he went to Los Angels and studied Communication Studies at the University of California.

The career of the Fat Guy

Garcia graduated from the University of California Los Angeles with a degree in Communication Studies in 1995. He worked for Borders Books and Music following his educational background and he started auditioning for television roles. The company he worked at was an international company which was a book and music retailer. In the Beverly Hills Playhouse acting school, he went for the classes. 

He is wearing brown t-shirt.
Photo of Jorge Garcia
Source: Instagram (pronouncedhorhay)

In 1997. he officially launched his acting career and showed up in the public. He has also played several roles in television series and commercials gigs. In 2003, his first outstanding role made him popular in the series Becker as the name of Hector Lopez. He was seen in the 13th episode of the series. 

Likewise, he became famous and earned his fame through the series Lost in which he acted as Hurley. Continuing his career and profession, he also got a chance to play the lead role in the movies like Little Athens, Deck the Halls, and Sweetzer. And he also began blogging about his series Lost and podcasting weekly around season six of Lost. 

Body Measurements

Garcia is an American actor and standup comedian. He is a famous actor being a fat guy but. the producer and director make a suitable role that only can perform looking toward his body. So to losing his weight he has been following his diet plan and maintaining his body.

Similarly, he has a height of 5 feet 11 inches with a body weight of 182 kilograms. He has a dark brown hair color and his eye color is also dark brown. And his body measurement is 44-34-38. 

His weight Gain Journey?

He didn't start weight gaining journey or he is also not excited to have so much weight. But, his curly hair and his heavyweight have been an interesting topic for his fans and followers. His unhealthy weight has made his family and friends very worried about it and they are consulting with many doctors and experts.

He is holding a book in this picture.
Photo of a fat guy Jorge
Source: Instagram (pronouncedhorhay)

From the beginning of his childhood, he was overweight and also hadn't got any problems regarding his health. He is addicted to food and the reason behind his being overweight is taking unhealthy foods and junk foods. Similarly, he started working out for his health and he also loses some pounds but no difference was seen in his body figure so, he got frustrated and started taking junk food again as before.

How much weight did he lose?

Since his childhood, he has had to face some problems regarding his weight. Everyone use to bully him and use bad words like an elephant and fat boy. Spending his hard childhood he became a successful actor afterward. And everyone started knowing him and also he became famed, everyone started liking him. 

He is sleeping with his pets
Photo of Jorge with his pets
Source: Instagram (pronouncedhorhay)

Similarly, Jorge was successful in maintaining his body at 30 pounds. Later on, he got frustrated by his movie Lost and started eating unhealthy food and started gaining weight again. Even after losing some weight stills, he looks fat. Likewise, after heavy dieting and a strict follow-up in diet, he started losing weight again. He lost 100 pounds when his total weight was 400 pounds. He wants to thank the Nooch dit powered by deactivated yeast which was his diet meal. But, there is no fact clue if the Nooch diet really helps to lose extra weight or not. Besides, he totally stopped drinking alcohol and now he is really working hard and following his diet.

What was his weight loss diet?

Losing weight is not easy as gaining weight. A weight-loss diet plan works differently for different people. The diet plan that works for you might not work for your friends. Likewise, he use to drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water every day. He completely avoided alcohol product drinks. He also avoided the ingredients like butter, cheese, potatoes, beef, and soda. And he started counting calories. 

Similarly, he has maintained his diet plan for the week aswell. And for the first day, he eats only fruits. On the second day only eats vegetables. On the third day, he increases a bit and eats fruits and vegetables. Similarly, on the fourth day, he eats 8 bananas with 4 glasses of milk. On the fifth day, he eats 6 large tomatoes with brown rice and chicken breast. On the sixth day, he used to take chicken breast and fish with vegetables and brown rice. And the last seventh day he eats brown rice plus fruits with vegetables and juice. 

What was the reason behind his weight loss?

He is wearing yellow t-shirt
Photo of Jorge eating noodles
Source: Instagram ( pronouncedhorhay)

The fact reason behind his weight loss is his television series Lost. He was said to lose a few pounds for the role of Hurley. The producer and director of the movie asked him to reduce his weight for filming and to look suitable. Similarly, he decreases 30 pounds before filming and he was not satisfied with that. He also said that it was very painful to lose 30 pounds of his weight. So, again he started eating like in the past days. People also said that he is very addicted to food. 

Likewise, Jorge started working on his dieting plan and started giving follow-ups. He also improved his habits and started taking nutrition experts and trained trainers guides. He had great success following the diet of Nooch. It is also well known for the Nutiotrional Yeast diet. The deactivated yeast also helps to lose weight. He also had some unsuccessful attempts on his weight loss journey. And he replaced fruits and vegetables with junk foods. He also began to eat low carbohydrates and high food for protein. He also took help from dietician trainers regarding the daily workouts.

Did Jorge do Weight Loss Surgery?

Jorge didn't attempt any weight loss surgery to reduce weight he was very strictly following his daily diet and weekly food plans. It also made him successful in losing weight and he didn't need to take any surgery for his health. He took the advice and help from the experts but he hasn't been hospitalized or taken any surgery.

According to the sources, Bypass surgery is the fastest method to reduce weight. There are some rumors saying that Jorge had taken his surgery which is false. Infact some of his friends also said about this but he personally has not admitted or said about this surgery. He might be happy losing weight on his own at-home workouts and diets.

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