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Facts About Jordyn Johnson - MGMT Model Who is Worth $5 Million

Published Thu Apr 16 2020 By Lewis Willman
 Facts About Jordyn Johnson - MGMT Model Who is Worth $5 Million

Did you know, that Phoenix-born model Jordyn Johnson recently penned an advertisements deal with "Honey Birdette", an Australian lingerie producer?

For now, this Rebels MGMT model is focused on shooting in-door, but she recently had been to France to get-shot for some magazine's cover as well. We assure there are many surprises on your way! So, follow the capsule, and grab them all!

Net Worth & Lifestyle

Jordyn Johnson reportedly makes over $20 to $30 thousand per day's shoot and is usually busy all days. Hence one can only imagine how rich she might be? As per sources, she at lease takes 100 projects a year, which means she reportedly makes around $2 million per year from her modelling career.

Model Johnson has an amazing net worth of $5 Million from her modelling career and endorsements.

JJ in polka dot dress.
JJ in polka dot dress.
PC Instagram

Likewise, her preference in things aren't cheeped either; she uses brands like Saint Laurent for clothes, La Perla for lingerie, and Bottega Veneta for shoes.

Jordyn Johnson Admires Christina Virzi

Several people are making to her Instagram posts, and Christina Virzi remains one of her highly praised friends. She has always been a fan of fashion-model, and stylist Christina Virzi. 

Glam-Queen Jordyn Johnson
Glam-Queen Jordyn Johnson.

Her hair is naturally, wavy and needs extra care compared to her fellow model friends. Hence she has very high regard for Virzi, who usually gives Jordyn, tips on her hair care.

She Loves Jack Nicholson and Zoë Kravitz

Who doesn't love actor Jack Nicholson? Yes! Jordyn is a little old-school, and strangely both her favourite actors have been in the bat-man movie. As Jack is one of the best-praised jokers of all time, and her favourite female actress Zoë Kravitz is shortly debuting as Cat-Woman in an upcoming Batman movie alongside Robert Pattinson.

Jordyn Johnson Isn't A Vegetarian

People have this one misconception, you got to be vegetarian for an alluring body, but that's not true! Our model-actress and fashion enthusiast Jordyn Johnson has such an alluring figure, and she has zero problems in eating her non-vegetarian food seating beside her vegetarian co-worker, and that's savage!

Isn't Afraid to go Topless

Looks like Johnson is willing to go to the an absolute limit to justify her art and her IG posts clearly make an statement that she has zero hesitation to go topless, but this dosen't mean that she is a nudist.

She pets a Dog, and a Syrian Hamsters named James.

Nicknamed as Jordy, she is very fond of animals and pets a Sphynx cat (a hairless breed), a dog and also Syrian hamsters named James. The Super-model also features her pets on her IG posts and activity logs. We are still wondering how, Spike, Tom & Jerry have managed to live like they all love one another.

jordyn johnsonn
Jordyn Johnsonn Her Boyfriend and Her Pet Hamster.

Lives With Her Boyfriend

Though she hasn't outed her boyfriend's name, she is often seen sharing his pictures on her stories. She is an interview with Maxim Magazine had said that if she likes someone she would cook for her, so we guess her boyfriend loves eating.

More Lingerie Less Swim-suits

It looks like this 1.65 meters tall, long-legged model Jordyn Johnson is more of a lingerie model, and is often seen giving people details on leggings, lingerie and inner-wear. Likewise, she has had a very few swimsuit shots, which makes her a legit lingerie specialist but looks like she isn't much into getting all splashy and doing swimsuit modelling. But who knows, the right amount may do the trick.

She Played an Extra in a movie named "In Her Blood

Yes! Sometimes success in modelling may not be enough, and maybe that was why Jordyn Johnson as an extra bar-maid in a movie almost two years ago. She appeared as an extra actress in a movie In Her Blood.

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