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Meet Jordan Claire Robbins - "Grace - The AI Mom" From The Umbrella Academy

Published Mon Jan 06 2020 By DGM
Meet Jordan Claire Robbins - "Grace - The AI Mom" From The Umbrella Academy

Jordan Claire Robbins is a famous American actress and model appearing in television series and movies. She is best known for portraying the character of Grace, The Robot Mother in the hit Netflix series 'The Umbrella Academy'.

Robbins was born on the 24th of January, 1990 on the beautiful island of Bermuda. Here are some facts about her:

What's her Net Worth?

Jordan Robbins holds an estimated net worth of $250,000 which she has amassed from her successful career in acting and modeling.

Is Also a Musician

Besides acting and modeling profession, Jordan is also a talented musician. Yes, she has also worked in the field of music as both and singer. However, she didn't gain much success and fame from her musical career.

Has Also Worked as a Writer

Working in movies and television series, Robbins has learnt the basic concepts and necessary ideas of creating her own story. She wrote the short television drama 'Driver is Arriving Now' in 2017 which turned out to be decently successful among her fans.

Is Proud for Her Role in 'The Umbrella Academy'

Jordan  Robbins has been very proud that she got the chance to play the character of the mom of The Umbrella Academy. She stated that the experience of portraying Grace in the series had been an incredible experience for her. 

Appearing as the AI mom of the seven kids of Reginald Hargreeves, her character appears in every single episode of the season one alongside one of her sons in the series, Luther played by Tom Hopper. She feels excessively proud to be the onscreen mamma of seven and has learnt a lot from the co-stars of the show.

A picture of Jordan Claire Robbins with her on-screen seven kids.
Jordan Claire Robbins with her on-screen seven kids.
Image Source: Instagram@jordanclairerobbins

Celebrity Idols

Every artist have their own role model or idol whom they get inspired from. In the same way, Jordan also has her celebrity idols whom she takes inspiration from in terms of acting and justifying the characters. She considers the famous Hollywood star, Robert Downey Jr. as her male celebrity idol as she totally admires the acting skills and the hard work that the 'Iron Man' star has put into his career.

Talking about the female celebrity idol, Jordan considers the 'Friends' star, Jennifer Aniston as her icon. She became the fan of Jennifer from her work in the successful sitcom series. She takes huge inspiration from both of the talented actors and hopes to one day become capable and successful like them. 

Good Friends With Jessica Sipos

Jordan is very good friends with Jessica Sipos, a famous Canadian actress working in films and television series. The two stars have bonded quite strongly and are more than friends. They are often seen hanging out and spending time together during their leisure time. Last August, Robbins didn't miss the chance to wish her friend a heartfelt happy birthday by posting a lovely picture of them together. She not only wished her friend a happy birthday but also explained how lucky she is to have a loving and caring friend in her life.

A picture of Jordan Claire Robbins with her good friend, actress Jessica Sipos.
Jordan Claire Robbins with her good friend, actress Jessica Sipos.
Image Source: Instagram@jordanclairerobbins

Dog Lover

Jordan Claire Robbins is an avid canine lover and has a huge corner for dogs in her heart. She absolutely loves being around dogs and enjoying their loyal company. As a matter of fact, she has reared a cute Golden Retriever dog whom she has named Daisy. She spends a lot of time with her pet and she never misses to cuddle up with her fur baby when she's at her home.

Loves Traveling

The 'Christmas Under the Christmas' star is also a travel freak who loves traveling a lot. She often travels places that would be considered myth if not experienced personally. She loves spending her time near oceans and rivers and also admires beautiful mountain scenery a lot. Whenever she manages to get herself some leisure time, she makes sure that she makes the best use out of it by getting up close to the nature and its wonderful creation. She frequently keeps traveling to different countries in search of beautiful places to visit.

A picture of Jordan Claire Robbins swinging near the beautiful scenery of mountain.
Jordan Claire Robbins loves traveling around mountains.
Image Source: Instagram@jordanclairerobbins

Physical Measurements

Talking about the physical measurements, the Bermudian actress stands tall at a height of 5 feet 9 inches (1.75 m) and has a body weight of 60 kg (132 lbs). She has a body measurement of 34-24.5-36.5 inches and has blonde hair and a pair of stunning green eyes.

Social Media Presence

Like her co-star Ellen Page, Jordan Robbins is an active social media user who has accounts on Instagram and Twitter. She has over 266k followers on her Instagram account where she keeps updating pictures with her friends and family at a regular interval. She also has achieved 7,000 followers on her Twitter.

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