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Jonathan Del Arco’s Partner - Yes! He is Gay and Love With Kyle Fritz

Published Fri Jul 23 2021 By Kri
Jonathan Del Arco’s Partner - Yes! He is Gay and Love With Kyle Fritz

Jonathan Del Arco is an Uruguayan American actor who is popularly known for his role as "Hugh the Borg" in "Star Trek: The Next Generation and Picard The Closer and Major Crime".He is also gay rights, environmental and political activist. 

Arco has worked as an ambassador for the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight education network (GLSEN), which lobbies for the inclusion of queer history in the educational curriculum. The effort of Arco helped change the idea of people about gender identity and sexual orientation. 

Arco's Tragic Relationship With His Late Partner

Jonathan Del Arco, during his early life he was once happily in a relationship with his partner, the name of his past partner remaining anonymous. The Star Trek actor was in a relationship with his late partner during the time he resided in New York.

During the time he was in a relationship with his partner the gay community was swept with AIDS. Arco during this period of time sadly lost his partner.

Happy Relationship journey after the tragedy

Arco is currently in a happy relationship with his partner Kyle Fritz. As of 2021, they are married for 29 years. 

Kyle Fritz and Jonathan Del Arco
Jonathan Del Arco's Instagram post on the occasion of his and Kyle Fritz 28th wedding anniversary
Source: Instagram/@jonathandelarco

The Uruguayan actor first met his partner Fritz when he first came to Los Angeles. He came to Los Angeles in 1990 for contributing to his acting career, soon after that met his partner Kyle. 

Who is Kyle Fritz, Arco's Partner?

Fritz has a pace with the male sex and has the identity of transsexual. 

Kyle Fritz
Kyle Fritz, Jonathan Del Arco's Partner
Source: Instagram/@itskylefritz

Kyle is a manager of Oscar, Emmy & Golden Globe winners and also acts as a guide and consultant for the actors. Arco and Kyle also met through actor-manager relationships and got to know each other.

The Gay Couple


Jonathan Del Arco and Kyle Fritz
Jonathan Del Arco with partner Kyle Fritz with their wedding invitation 
Image Source: Instagram/@ jonathandelarco

After two years of dating, Arco and Fritz announced their wedding in 1992. Still after such a long journey together they are happily married to each other.

The Couple's Public exposure

Jonathan Del Arco and his partner Kyle Fritz
Richard Del Arco with his partner Kyle Fritz in the pride parade during pride month
Source: Instagram/@jonathandelarco

Both Arco and Fritz are proud of their sexual identity and happily flaunt their relationship to the public. There is no hesitation, no boundary for the couple to flaunt their love for each other publicly through their social media platforms.

Kyle Fritz and Jonathan Del Arco
Kyle Fritz and Jonathan Del Arco during the Election Campaigns
Source: Instagram/@itskylefritz

Arco and Fritz's relationship seems to be growing more stronger and stronger as per their updates on Social Media. 

The Couple's Children

According to the existing rumor, the gay couple Jonathan Del Arco and Jonathan Del Arco have two adopted sons in their family married to each other. The sons of the couple have yet to be revealed.

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