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About Jonathan Bailey - Info on His Personal Life Which You Didn't Know

Published Tue Oct 13 2020 By Aashika
About Jonathan Bailey - Info on His Personal Life Which You Didn't Know

Jonathan Bailey is an actor who is known for his role as Cyril in the movie 'Five Children and It'. He also appeared in shows like Campus and The York Realist

He was born on 25 April 1988, in Wallingford, Oxfordshire, England. His zodiac sign is Taurus. He completed his schooling from the local C of E Primary School in Benton. 

Here is some information about Bailey. 

Net Worth: $1.5 Million 

English-actor Jonathan Bailey has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million. He has been making his earning through his acting career as well as a voice actor. He is active in the industry since the 1997-present. The actor will be seen in the upcoming series 'Bridgerton' as Anthony Bridgerton. 

Acting As A Theater Actor 

At the age of 7, 'Me and Mrs. Jones' actor, Bailey did first theater acting at Barbican Centre in London. Then, he has seen in different characters of theater acts such as King John, Beautiful Thing, Girl with a Pearl Earring, and so on. 

Jonathan Bailey in the theatre act in King Lear. 
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Lean Voice in Radio and Games

Aside from acting, Bailey is a voice artist. He has worked for BBC Radio 4 from 2016- 2018. He leaned his voice in 'Delivers', and 'Home Front' and two more. Not only this but also in video games like 'Forza Horizon 2', 'Anthem', 'Squadron 42', and many more, where we can listen to the voice. Additionally, for David Sussman in the audiobook 'Just One Damned Thing After Another', Jonathan provided the voice.

Relationship or Love Life

Jonathan Bailey has a love affair with Pippa Bennett-Warner who is a British actress. They have been seen together in public events such as parties and awards event. Besides this, the pair are keeping their love life private.  

Jonathan Bailey with his girlfriend Pippa Bennett-Warner. 
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Rumors of Being Gay

'Company' actor was in a rumor about gender as a gay. As he has played the role of a gay character in theater 'Beautiful Thing' through which the controversy was created. Jonathan is a supporter of the LGBT community and also spoke about the community in interviews with 'The Times' and 'Attitude' magazine.  

Parents and Siblings

Jonathan Bailey is the only son of Stuart Bailey and his mother's name is not revealed. His father is a former DJ and had worked at Rowse Honey Factory whereas his mother was an audiologist. 

He has three sisters as his siblings. The actor has shared one of his favorite childhood memories in an interview that when he was younger, his naughty sisters dressed him up 'suitably androgynous clothing' and forced him to sing Sister Sledge. 

A picture with a sister, niece, and parents. 
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Loves To Travel

As being an actor, Bailey is also a traveler who has been traveling to many places. He shares many pictures on his Instagram account where pictures are mostly on the seaside. An actor recently shares a boating picture on Instagram.

Jonathan Bailey shares his picture on the beachside. 
Image Source: Instagram

Has A Dog

We can see on the social media of Bailey that he is fond of his dog. The breed of his dog is English Cocker Spaniel which name is 'Blumin'. 

A picture of Jonathan and his pet dog Blumin. 
Image Source: Pinterest


Family and close friends of Bailey call him 'Jono' or 'Jonny' with love.

Social Media 

Actor Jonathan Bailey is active on social media where he connects with his fans and followers. His username is @jbayleaf where over 55.3k followers on Instagram.   

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