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LAHH's Jojo Zarur Plastic Surgeries and Tattoos With Meaning

Published Wed Sep 18 2019 By DGM
LAHH's Jojo Zarur Plastic Surgeries and Tattoos With Meaning

The famous American fashion stylist and reality television personality Jojo Zarur has been rumored to have multiple plastic surgeries on her body. She has inked one visible tattoo on her body to date.

Jojo hasn't spoken anything about the rumors of her going under the knife which shows her reluctance to talk about them. Here are the surgeries that she is rumored to have:

Jojo Zarur Before & After

Zarur whose full name is Joanna Nemar Zarur has had quite noticeable changes on her body throughout her days as a dancer to a reality television star and fashion stylist. Take a glimpse how her body was before and how it is at present.

A picture of Jojo Zarur before (left) and after (right).
Jojo Zarur before (left) and after (right).

As you can very well see, Jojo has had incredibly shocking changes on her breasts and buttocks which might have been probably the result of the surgeries that she is rumored to have done.

Breast Implants

The rich stylist, Jojo Zarur, who has a net worth of $2 million is also alleged to have implants on her breasts as they appear so huge and larger than before. They seem so much bigger and puffy that they catch eyes of anyone who looks at her body. 

And as she keeps flaunting her body on her Instagram, she has received a lot of comments and speculations she filled them up and boosted and that is why she is showing them so much in her pictures. 

The absurd change in the size of the breasts of Jojo are bit of a mystery for her fans and left them scratch their heads in confusion. Whether she did or didn't have implants on her breasts, she has a body that everyone goes crazy about.

Botox Injections

Jojo is also accused of having her face injected with Botox injections as she has a very glowing and shiny face. Having a flawless face like a barbie doll at age of 27 is so magical. 

People guess that she injected her cheeks and forehead with cosmetic injections which helped her in achieving a flawless and beautiful face. Though she has refused the allegations for Botox, her current pictures provide strong evidences that she indeed injected her face.

A picture of Jojo Zarur's face looks so toned like a barbie.
Jojo Zarur's face looks so toned like a barbie.
Image Source: Instagram@jojozarur

Buttocks Implants

Rumors mostly speculate that Zarur has also some work done on her rear end because they appear so raised and filled up than before. Her buttocks look as if they have been shaped as an outcome of a plastic surgeon's masterpiece. 

She has been receiving quite a lot of comments from her fans and haters saying that she looked better before when her buttocks weren't so puffy as they are at present. 

You can clearly see how her buttocks look so huge these days which is more likely to be via the buttocks implants. The surprisingly big buttocks of the star have left people completely in shock and assume of plastic surgeries.

Tattoos & Their Meaning

A picture of Jojo Zarur's tattoos.
Tattoos of Jojo Zarur.

Tattoo on Right Wrist

On the side of the right wrist, Zarur has a writing inked which appears to be a kind of writing or name of someone.

Writing on Left Arm 

There is a writing inked on the upper arm on the left hand of the stylist Jojo Zarur which seems to be an Arabic writing.

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